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DaVinci Applications
by Eric Marschner (

Here you may find the many applications I have written (or worked on, ported, etc...) for the 1st Generation DaVinci PDA.  These will work on both the 256k and 2mb DaVinci with the Motorola processor (serial numbers begin with 98R or 99R).

Ataxx for the DaVinci.
Enjoy this "port" from the palm pilot version.  There are three levels.  It's a fun and addicting game.

Download (v0.3)

Bowling Score Calculator
This application keeps score for up-to 5 bowlers in the game of 10-pin bowling. Being an avid bowler, I figure I'd find this useful when I try a house that doesn't have automatic
scoring. The scoring does work (as I have tested it) and there arecertainly more features to be added to this in the future. 

Download (v0.3)

Breakout for the daVinci! This game is authored by Michael Hartmann and has been modified a bit by me. It no longer locks up your DaVinci (I promise!) There are some other features to that you'll have to find on
your own. 

Download (v0.8)

Lines for the daVinci! This is a "port" from the Palm Pilot version by Dmitry Gorodchanin. It plays the same as his version. Despite the "boring" looks, this game is very fun and addictive. I recommend you try it!

Download (v0.3)

DaVinci Lotto allows you to easy=ily generate random lotto numbers.  This application picks six numbers with the high ball ranging from 35 to 42. 

Download (v0.1)

The Davinci Password Keeper will help you keep track of your many passwords.  Ebay, CDNow, Windows etc...

Download (v0.3)

Use the DaVinci Tip Calculator to figure the proper tips for your meals.  You can also divide the tip and meal total amongst the people in your party.

Download (v0.4)

DaVinci Video Poker. This game is designed to play like the littlestore-bought video poker games... It's very addicitive. This game I
started from scratch and kept building and building on it. I wouldappreciate any feedback you have. The unregistered version is not
crippled an any way, however.

Download here. (v1.0) 

DaVinci Lucky 7 Slots. Another casino game for your pleasure. I'd like to know about people's high scores, so if you have a score of note then email me and I'll post it.

Download here. (v0.2) 

Vexed for the daVinci! This is a "port" from the Palm Pilot version by James McCombe. This game is another addictive puzzle game and is damn frustrating -- when you get stuck. There are 60 levels. ENJOY! 

Download here. (v0.2) 

This is the first app I wrote for the DaVinci.  It was written in ASM using the pila compiler for the palm pilot.

Download here. (v0.2)