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Cocoa's & Simba's Dog House!

This site is dedicated to animals every where, and the wonderful humans who make it possible for us to meet on the internet!

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Cocoa is now on the cover of a great music Cd.
The name of the group is Brocolli Poodles. The sing great country songs.
Please stop by their web site for a listen. :)

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My name is Cocoa!
I am a four year old toy poodle. I have many hobbies, such as chasing squirels, swimming, and playing fetch. I am also a working dog. I have to change the t.v channels for my dad. And help mom with the laundry.

ALOHA! My Birthday is July 31, 1997.
Mom along with Grandma and Grandpa,
picked me from the Judilu's Kennels in
Mt. Sterling Ohio. There was 5 of us.
And I was the only snow white one.
My mom put us all on the floor to play.
I stayed next my mom and followed her
arround. She was not getting
away with out me :)

My name is Simba!
My birthday is April 22, 1999. I am a two year old miniature poodle. My hobbies are, playing with my sister, chewing everything in sight, and giving lots of kisses.

Shy boy Mom and Dad picked me at the AKC Pups in Pleasentville, Ohio. I was a birthday present for my sister Cocoa. My dad is the one who picked me although it was not a tough choice there was only two of us. Mom keeps telling me that Cocoa was lonely with out me. So I keep her on her feet by chasing her and play fighting with her.

Happy Halloween Well here we are together. We are now inseperable. We have lots of new pictures to share. We are some lucky dogs. We got to spend 8 months in Maui Hawaii. Visiting with moms family. So please check out our new photos.

Halloween 2000 This is the only picture mom could find with all of us in it. Mom and Dad both love Halloween very much. the little guy is andrew, we love him since he feeds us under the table when no one is looking. and he always has food in his pockets.

cruzin We are really cruzin' now... with the leg power of a 2 year old. We can go anywhere. Hey kid can we hit the dairy queen? Geez, I wish this thing could go faster, I love to have the wind blowing on my face.

Here I am hard at work creating this web page. shessh it sure is hard to type with doggy paws :) But I have to earn my keep somehow. Thank you very much for taking the time to stop by our website. We hope you had a great visit.
If you have any comments, suggestions, or if you would like to add your picture to our friends page. Please do not hesitate to send us some E-mail.