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Hideaway Park



Hideaway Park was a village that began in 1932 and quickly developed into the fourth town in the valley. It was started, developed and built by L O ( Doc ) Graves, merchant in the valley since 1922. Doc eventually built 26 tourist cabins and a multi-faceted cafe and service station operation called " Docs'Place". It might have been called the 7-Eleven of its' day.

Doc also installed a water wheel on the Vasquez Creek and generated all of the electricity necessary to operate his business. Lying midway between West Portal and Fraser, Hideaway had a rapid growth considering that the entire country was in the depth of a serious depression at that time. The construction of the Moffat Water Tunnel being placed parallel to the railroad tunnel, had a positive effect on the local economy.

During a stretch of two years the village added 3 more businesses and nearly doubled its' population. Max Kortz, of the well known Kortz jewelry family of Denver, put in a saloon. The business was an expanded offering including meals, some jewelry, over-the-counter drugs and curios. H L McPeters added a fine all service garage and Ray Fox started his Nite Club business.

Hideaway Park has disappeared and been replaced by the popular town of Winter Park and its' ski and winter sport complex. The new recreational venue offers one of the better facilities in the country and is growing in leaps and bounds. At present there is a magnificent, multi-million dollar development under way at the foot of Winter Parks' ski slopes. With skiing probably Colorado's most important tourist attraction the outlook for the future of the area seems very optimistic.



L.O.( Doc )Graves

Originator and Developer of Hideaway Park

Max Kortz

Drug Store/Tavern/and Cafe owner.

H.L. MacPeters

Garage owner.

Ray Fox

Night Club Owner



 Jim Quinn,

Dad Garret,

Ranch and Fish Hatchery,

William Cozens.

People & Families

Ralph Waugh Family,

MacPeters (Mary and Son Jimmy Mahoney, )

Charlie Sunberg,

William Wilhite and Family.


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