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CD 145    
Light Aqua with Milk    

Insulators made by the Harloe Insulator Company are embossed "Hawley, PA" and with a unique monogram of the letters "HICO" intertwined. The company was headquartered in Hawley, PA, but also produced insulators at a plant in Elmer, NJ.

Hawley-embossed insulators can be found in the following styles: CD's 102, 112, 121, 145, 160, 162, 164, and 260. In addition, two rare styles (CD109.5 and CD206.5) are embossed "Harloe" and with the "HICO" logo. Harloe produced insulators from 1903 until about 1907.

CD 145 "beehive" style insulators are not rare, but those with this much "milk" are unusual. This milky example was picked by a lineman in Leflore County.