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Welcome To The

Centaur Area



Background             Please Look Around And Feel Free To Ask Questions
Centaur Locater           

Stories & Poems     ecause little is known about centaurs outside                             
                          fiction, here are some links to tell about them.
Centaur Links       *The Background Informtion Gives A Scientfic 
                            Understanding Of Centaurs' And Where They Might                                                    
                            Have Come From                   
Other Links         *The Locater Show The Spots in The World Where There
                            Are Centaur\Centaur Lovers Living Today                              
                        *Any Other Questions Can Be Send To Colt By Pressing The 
                            The 'Question' Button On The Control Panel

                       ere at the Centaur Area You Can  
                         Find Stories And Poems About Centaurs' & Horses

                       ere at the Centuar's Area we offer some links
                       to other pages. If you would like to add you link 
                       please contact me, and I will set it up on the 
                       next update.    

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