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Sarah Sarah
Here I am dressed for the Holidays and in my Tap Dance outfit - 1998
Sarah Sarah
Some pictures of me from last year.

I hope you are enjoying the music of the ~Chicken Dance~ at the moment it is my favorite dance!
Click here for Information about the Edelweiss Club :-)

July 4th 1999 in Estes Park

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My hike up to the top of Mother Cabrini Shrine - 1998

Sarah is quite the little hiker. Our next adventure will be more out in the wilderness Sarah kept asking why I didn't bring along *My Alex* and telling me not to touch the railing because "it has white stuff on it and I think it is probably ~bird poop~, with germs:-)! Now I wonder where she gets that from? .

Sarah finally figured out what the counters are - she asked for one on her page. She says she wants to have two hundred thousand people come visit her page. Wonder if she knows how many that really is?

Please share this page with your friends so she can watch her counter ~grow~ - as well as pictures of her growing up!!! Thank you.

Please be sure to sign my guest book! I want to know everyone that comes to visit my page!


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Chicken Dance
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