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Pictures of me

Here are som pictures of me and my friends and more is coming up

Mattias von Knorring

This is one of my best friends.A crazy "dalmas" And when I say crazy I mean crazy...But he si sweet ex boyfriend also and that summer was nice Mattias but now it's spring! To bad but maybe it will be a summer like that once again what do I know. But in case it wont I wish you the best...and good luck with everything!!


This is Andreas! A crazy sailor!! Isn't he sweet!!! So you could call him a crazy sailor from Västerås...But he is nice...when he is asleep... Well Ante watch up for the alien ice-cream! *smile* Hmm anyway..this guy is one of the strangest people I have ever met but I guess that's how it turns out when you live above the civilisations line. But Ante I wish you all the best...*smile* You can be a pain...But in this case I like the pain...So I really like you...

Me (2 years ago)

Well this picture is taken in school about two years ago just after a sportsday. funny.. not. But I guess this is how I look.