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Emma`s page

I´m surprised that some persons has even bothered to come here...but since you´re already here I´ll hope you´ll enjoy my first homepage! And I´m working on it... I´ll try to update as often as I can but me and computers isn´t the perfect match!

So I´ll tell you a little bit about my self... I´m 18 years old and I live on the Swedish west coast in a little village called Hällevadsholm, probably the most boring place in Sweden... We live in the country and outside my window you can see my darlings, two horses named Viktoria Champ and Frisko...I also like to compete... When I´m not with my horses I like to party with my friends...and specially with Emma and Helena ...We sure can have a lot of fun...*smiles* Pictures on some of my friends are soon coming up...and on me...*smiles* There isn`t so much to tell about me...I´m an ordinary swedish girl... The safest place to see me on the net is on Aftonbladet...Or you can seek me on ICQ... If you can help me with anything on my homepage, please mail me...I would be very happy...

This is my first homepage and maybe the last..*smiles* ´cause as you can se I´m not so good on making it but I´ll promise you that it´s going to be better...But I wont waste your time so until next time : Take care....

Here are some pictures of me and my friends

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My Boy

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