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My horse page

This is one of my great hobbies so I decieded to write a bit about it. As I already told you I'm the owner of two horses. So I guess that I'm a typical horse-girl. But that's my father's fault. I got my first pony on my sixth birthday. A little white pony with big brown eyes... Anyway this is my greatest hobby and they sure take a lot of time! But lucky for me I have a "superdad". And if it hadn't been for him they would probably not be alive today.

Viktoria Champ

This is Viktoria Champ and she is the horse that I spend most time with. I really don't know why but I guess it's because she is a easier horse to ride When it comes to competing I love it but unfortunately I haven't got the horse for it. But yes I do it once in a while without any larger success. But it's fun just to be apart of it. But I can't say that I'm working on it...too lasey I suppose.


This is my little boy..his name is Frisko and he is a Fjord Pony.My father bought him to me when he was three years old.So I have had about 9 years of pain. Cause he isn't nice...But he is mine so I love him

Vicky and Frisko

Well this the other horse. Vicky and she is what we in Sweden call "Svenskt Varmblod". A kind of raceing horse. But because of problems with her back she was sold as an Riding horse. I got her for my 10th birthday. So she is 12 years old now but I'm sure that she will always act as if she still was 3. And in the background you can see Frisko