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Magnus Lindberg

Well this is Magnus Lindberg from bollnäs. This photo is taken in Söderhamn 1997...A pretty nice guy if you ask me...but he has his moments when you just hate him... so Magnus this is for calling me Norwegian... Hmmm...if anyone wants to know this is a very silent guy *smiles* I don't explain what I mean with that but i can say that it's pretty funny


So this is marcus for about hmm 20 years ago...he sure was sweet...and he sure is nice now *smile* So this little guy lives in Västerås and he is a great friend...except when he is in his strange mood *smile* But it's ok marcus I like you anyway


Say hello to gustav. A great should see his art it's great really takes your breath away! Keep up the good work! I really like it apart from the naked girls..*smile* But anyway you have alot of talant...use it!