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On February 22nd and 29th, 2000, Faith returns to BUFFY to give the show a well needed kick in the ass. Hopefully she'll knock some sense into Buffy and make her remember Angel. The fans have voices and they need to be heard.


Welcome to my personal fan-fiction archive for my BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER fan-fics? I assume(ha ha) that if you're here, you already know what both fan-fics are and what the show is so I won't bore you to tears with a long explanation.


Are you listening Joss?

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer is the story of a young girl who destiny has tapped on the shoulder and made the Chosen One. This means that seventeen year old Buffy Summers(Sarah Michelle Gellar) is the one girl in the world with the strength and skill to stop the bad dudes from..being bad. Buffy's gone through some harsh times as of late. Her old friend Ford tried to trade her for a chance at immortality, a bunch of assasins tried to kill her and then the kicker: after she and Angel consumated their relationship, he turned into El Creepo Boy and started trying to terrorize her by killing her friends. She's got some major guilt and pain issues at work Course then Angel left her and college is a bitch with guys like Parker and a sleezy toad, the other just a dull idiot. Luckily for her she's not alone in her mission.

Backing her up are the Scooby Gang:

Willow: (Alyson Hannigan) The quiet hacker. Buffy's best friend. She's had a life-long crush on Xander but is now dating Oz. Will started taking an interest in majiks after Jenny was killed by Angelus and you know that eventually this is bound to get the gang in trouble..

Xander Harris: (Nicholas Brendon) He's the jokester. The kind of loose cannon of the group with a wise-crack for every occasion. He has terrible luck with women. His best friend loves him, he loves Buffy who wants someone else, was dating Cordelia, cheated with Willow and lost his virginity to Faith. Now he's with Anya..what..doesn't he like himself? Let's talk about dating vengeance demons huh?

Cordelia Chase: (Charisma Carpenter) She's the Queen of the school. Evern her license plate says Queen C. Apparently snobby and such, she has a different side that's a bit more loyal but she has a hard time fittin' in just right. She has a friendly rilvary with Buffy and an unlikely romance with Xand. Now she's Angel's side-kick on the new series She had a thing for Doyle. Guess she likes dorks.

Oz: (Seth Green) He's the werewolf in love with Willow. Oz got bit by his cousin Jordie and now three days a month has to be locked up or else he releases his inner beast. Oz is still a mystery but I'm convinced the lad is on beta-blockers. What we do know is that he's a musician and he's got it bad for Wills. Aww. He's gone for awhile.

Anya: (Emma Caulfield) The ex-vengeance demon who lost her powers and is now a normal girl. She likes Xander and he likes her and they like sex but she's a scary chick and not really one you wanna piss off. What's up with Xand and doing chicks that can kick his ass?

Rupert Giles: (Anthony Stewart Head) Buffy's Watcher. It's his duty to protect and guide her by supplying her with the neccesary information and training to defeat her enemies. He was in love with Ms. Calendar but alas, Angelus got to her. Giles also has a hidden dark side..a Ripper personality. Now he's got a new babe..Olivia and a total new look..Watcherless and fancy free.

Allen Francis Doyle: (Glenn Quinn) Okay, so he's not Buffy's help, he's Angel. But he's one of the good guys. Even if he's currently surfing the dead wave. I'm hopeful that he'll be back because he and Cordy are pretty sweet together and you gotta love the accent. Anyways, he's Angel's guide.

Faith: (Eliza Dushku): She's the second Slayer. Called into action after the death of Kendra, Faith came to town with a suitcase full of secrets and a dark streak a mile wide. Just recently after she devirginized Xander, killed a man accidentally and sent her friendship with Buffy spinning into orbit, she joined the Mayor in his evil ways and tried to steal Angel from Buffy. Buffy per her in a coma but I'm convinced that Faith will come back and save us all by revealing Riley to be the true slime he is. Keep the faith. (sorry)

And last but most certainly not least:

(David Boreanaz)
Angel is the cursed vampire who is Buffy's lover. He was born in the 1700's and was turned into a vamp by Darla when he was a young man. A gypsy curse gave him his soul back and turned him into El Brooding Boy. And then he met Buffy. And fell in love with her. And then Joss that is one night of passion between Buffy and Angel took his soul and he became El Creepo Evil Demon Boy..Angelus. His plan was then to torment Buffy and drive her mad like he did Druscilla. Course it didn't work. But then Angel took some bad drugs and decided to leave Buffy for Los Angeles where he now works as a detective with Cord as his side-kick. It's fine but Buff and Angel belong together. She will remember. Oh yes.


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Stories written using the ANGEL series as a road-map. This includes crossovers between the two shows.


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