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THE REPUBLIK OF ADYGHEYA BETWEEN THE RIVERS The Republik of Adygheya is situated to the north of the Caucasus mountains in the lush Prikubansk Valley. This is a legendary place famed from Europe to Asia during middle ages, and the site of celebrate archeological remains from the Maikopsian culture. A fascinating collection of barrows and mysterious valleys --each associated with legends -- create a sort if open air museum in the region north-west of Caucasus; remains which testify to the region’s ancient links with Europe and the East. The main territory of Adygheya lies between the rivers Cuban and Laba. Here is a unique combination of flora and fauna, climate, landscape and exotic natural zones creates the perfect backdrop for a range of tourist and medical-treatment centres. THE REPUBLIK, ITS PEOPLE AND ITS NEIGHBOURS Adygheya, a member of the Russian Federation, became a Republik in 1991 and elected a President and parliment to form a goverment. The first President of the Republic is the economic studies candidate -- Mr. Aslan Djarimov. In 1937 Adygheya was incorporated in the Krasnodar area, it was an autonomous region, 3 years ago in 1991 it became a Republic, member of the Russian Federation. About 450000 people live within the 8000 km territory. They represent more than 50 nationalities including Adygheans, Russians and Ukrainians. The Republic takes its name from the Adyghes; the ancient settlers of north-west Caucasus know to 13 th century Europe as the Cherkess. Several asian monuments bear incriptions which refer to the Adyghes and Adygh language and belong to he Caucasian family of languages. Today Adygheya lives in peace with its neighbours. There is currently a contract of coopeation between Adygheya and its neighbours in the Kabardino-Balkariya and Karachai-Gherkessiya. HIGH QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS THe main industries in Adygheya are meat, fruit, rose oil, macaroni and wine production. The Adygheya tin factory - Fabmai is among the biggest factories in Russia. Fabmai has a high qualith production which is much sought after abroad as well as in Adygheya and Russia. Other export industries include machine building and woodworking. AGRICULTURE Adygheya’s agriculture is defined by its soil and climate. THere are 90 collective farms and more than 1200 peasants farms, which together comprise 250000 hectares of land, with 100 types of agricultural plants. Principal crops are wheat, barley, corn, rapeseed, rise and sunflowers. A programme to introduce the production of tea in the northern regions is beeing developed. Adygheya waters are well stocked with fish. And horse breeding --until recently a forgotten art in Adygheya -- is revived by specialist horse breeders in Maikop.
TRANSPORT The capital of Adygheya is Maikop; Maikop is 1670 km distant from Moscow and 160 km from Krasnoidar. THe communication between Adygheya’s towns is well served by asphalt roads and air trips. Railroad and airline links connect Maikop with moscow, and a new airport will be built to connect the cith with other cities in Russia and elsewhere. FORESTS WATER AND WRITE OIL Adygheya’s geological structure includes some rare minerals and most important oil and gas. Light Maikop oil is famous all over the world. Unique mineral waters contain iodine, bromide, zinc cobalt and barite among other. A beautiful river, called Serebriyanka runs over an extinct volcano and through various layers of soil, absorbing a wealth of minerals in the waters. The filtred waters of Serebriyanka are deliciously cool and fresh during the summer. Factories exist there for the production of cement, glass, coloured marble and granite. A natural site for clay has been developed for the production of ceramic pipes, highly good pottery and other ceramic products. Other natural resources include gold, silver, mercury, barytes and wolfram. There are also extensive forests which are the main suppliers for the woodworking and furniture making industries in North Caucasus. The forests are rich in, plants with medical applications and the Republic produces about 150 tons of medicines.
TOURISM AND LEISURE Many tourist centres and hotels are situated in the most beautiful places of North Caucasus. Tourist centres and camping sites can accommodate up to 2000 people during the summer and about 600 people during the winter. Throughout the year, from 15 to 20000 tourist visitAdygheya. Facilities include a bus service, tourist sports equipment and the 500 seated Zikhiya Restaurant. At the high altitudes snow stays until June, presenting ideal conditions for skiing and more than twenty ski tracks are being made. All of this, together with the development of tourist connection with the Russian regions, signal a bright future for Adygheya’s tourist industry. PROSPECTS FOR INVESTORS To show advantage of its natural riches the Republic need may investors and special incentives are available to attract investment and help to boost the domestic economy. Companies and organisations in Adygheya do not have to pay customs to import goods for the people’s needs. There are nw 17 joint-stokck companies in Adygheya. The Republic has attracted big firms from UK, the USA, France, Turkey, Syria, the Czech Republic and others.For example, Adygheya Moro is a joint stock company (Russian-French) producing oak barrels according to the international standarts. The Russian-Turkish ILK-Multi Company constructs banks and other buildings. Joint banks have been created, aand numerous goods are being exported-- even to England -- by the new joinstock ventures: Tochradiamash export washing machines; Druzba furniture and carpets; Vnechkontract, crops and plants; and Respotrebsouz, honey and medical plants.