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Logo for Local Partners of iTTS PLC

Web site domain for HLSSE, iTTS PLC, ICodEX and Unix ICT Solution

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High-level information Communication Technology EExchange S Services- (HiCTES)

Unity is Power & Strength

Organised by "I Technology Transfer Services (iTTS) PLC"
Establish: 2011 (EC 2003), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

HiCTES Domain mapping:


Mr Ayalew Asfaw Shebeshi, Ethiopia/Australia, CEO, Technical & Marketing Manager of iTTS PLC


  • Mr Debebe Yayehyirad Negash, Ethiopia, General Manager of iTTS PLC
  • Mr Amare Getachew, Ethiopia, CEO, General Manager of HLSSE
  • Mr Zaid Abdur Kadir, Ethiopia, General Manager of ICodEX
  • Mr Akram Hailesilassie, Ethiopia, Technical Manager of ICodEX
  • Mr Endalkachew Baye, Ethiopia, CEO & Technical Director of UNIX ICT Solution
  • The above six IT company managers agree to work together for the following activities.

  • a) iTTS PLC sponsors all three companies for the participation on International ICT trade show at Addis Ababa from June 22-26/2011 & future IT Trade shows
  • b) iTTS PLC and HLSSE will cover the fee for the participation on the exhibition and the domain name
  • c) HLSSE, ICodEX and UNIX ICT Solution will be bring their products and participate for this IT trade show-this will the first step to work together
  • d) iTTS PLC will work and assist both HLSSE & CodEX for product quality, control, documentation and testing standards
  • e) iTTS PLC will work and assist both HLSSE & CodEX for marketing strategies of existing products
  • f) HLSSE, ICodEX, UNIX ICT Solution will prepare product demo (e.g. PowerPoint and CD)
  • g) iTTS PLC, HLSSE & CodEX will prepare brochure and banner for the website
  • h) iTTS PLC will facilitate future business strategies & marketing plan both locally (Ethiopia) and Internationally
  • i) iTTS PLC will facilitate International representations (e.g. ISTQB ) and linkage to IT companies (Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, SunMicro System, Del, HP, Compaq, e.t.c)

      Summary activities of HiCTES :

    1. 1) Represent reliable organizations and perform their duties on their behalf
    2. 2) Design business strategies in Cooperate with all the 3 companies
    3. 3) Design business strategies in Cooperate with all the 3 companies
    4. 4) Prepare brochure, sample or demo for the existing marketable products
    5. 5) Facilitate quality control and documentation for completed existing products
    6. 6) Researching, analyzing and forecasting technology trends
    7. 7) Actively participate locally and international IT trade shows
    8. 8) Brain storming ideas, identify IT problems and facilitate solutions with documentation

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        Updated on 31 August 2011

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