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Back Country Snow Cat Ski Tours
22357 W. Hwy 160, Del Norte, CO 81132
(719) 657-3208
Tired of long lift lines and crowded ski areas?
Welcome to JDS Back Country Snow Cat Ski Tours. We invite you to join us on an exciting ski trip in the Beautiful San Juan Mountains where we will take a scenic snow cat ride into the high mountain areas. Here you will find open face slopes, and a variety of bowls and trees for your 
skiing pleasure.
If Skiing is not for you, but you would like to take a scenic 
snow cat ride in the high country, we provide one half 
day snow cat tours. 

Our heated enclosed 6 passenger snow cat is well equipped for your comfort and safety.

We are looking forward to giving you an enjoyable trip 
that you will remember for  years to come. 
Hope to see you soon!
What you can expect....
Skiers will meet at a designated site, at 8:00 AM, for an  orientation meeting. Skiers are responsible for arranging for their own lunches. From the meeting location we will drive to the trail head on Pinos Creek. Each person will take their own vehicle to the parking area there. From there we will begin a 45 to 60 minute snow cat ride to the high country.
You will be skiing in the Grayback Mountain and the Marble Mountain area, 10 square miles of untracked 
high country. 

Each group is different, but as an average it is common to make 8 runs a day, about 1000 vertical feet per run. 

Most of the slopes are open areas, great for novice skiers. For the more advanced skiers there are chutes and trees in the area.

Back country skiing carries certain inherent dangers, and although powder conditions are the norm, skiers must be aware that potentially difficult conditions exist in back country skiing. Each skier is required to read and sign our "limits of liability" form before participating.
Ready to go?

Ski Tours: $95.00 per person/day
Half Day Snow Cat Tours: $50.00 per person/half day 

Required Reservation Information

Name: ________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Phone: ________________________________________

Dates you wish to reserve: ________________________

Number in Party: ________________________________

Deposit Enclosed: $______________________________
                                          ($50.00 per person/day)

Mail reservation info and deposit to:

JDS Back Country Snow Cat Ski Tours
Jeff Schaffer
22357 W. Hwy 160
Del Norte, CO 81132

For more information contact us at:

(719) 657-3208

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