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The Peddler's Den
Custom Gifts and Carvings
by Phyllis Delaney
Artist's Statement
        Since I was a little girl helping my father in the sawmill I have been fascinated with trees.  A tree is beautiful just as it stands in the forest.  Wandering through the forest my family owned, I was always intrigued by the different shapes and sizes, bows and bends, curves and crevices of the trees.  Then when we would run them through the saws trimming off the bark, there was a whole different image of those same trees.  The grain flowed freely through the boards.  The knots were deeper and more pronounced than I would have imagined.  Even though the bark was similar, each board produced was uniquely beautiful.
        I began carving as an adult because of this fascination with wood and the calming effect it had on me.  I begin by taking a walk in the forest and gathering my own wood.  This way I am with the wood, from the forest to the finished product.
        I carve because the wood is my silent teacher ... about life, relationships and love.  As I remove the bark it teaches me that life is full of surprises.  As I begin shaping what I think the end result will be, it gently guides me to what my relationship to it will be and what form it will take.  When I am able to let go and let the wood guide me I discover something far more beautiful than I could have fashioned alone.
        Just as the blank page waits for the writer to write its story, so too the wood waits to guide the carver's hands to become what it was meant to be.  The wood directs the outcome.  The artist responds with her hands, her head and her heart.  Creativity is about giving life to that which is within.  This is life, relationship and love interacting, creating, giving birth to something new.

"Mother and Child"
8 inches tall, Birch, Aspen or Cedar
Price $97

"The Two Shall Be One"
8 inches tall, Aspen or Cedar
Price:  $55

Click photo to enlarge front or back view
10 inches tall, 3 inches diameter
Various woods mostly Aspen or Cedar
Price:  $75

Click photo to enlarge
6 - 8 inches tall, 3 - 4 inches diameter
Aspen or Cedar
Price:  $67 to $77 depending on size

"Grandmother Rocking"
Click photo to enlarge
6 inches tall, 2 inches thick
Bass Wood
Price:  $65

"Giving Birth"
Click photo to enlarge
One of a Kind
Aspen mounted on Walnut block, Basswood frame
Price:  $225

Wooden Scrapbook/Album

Custom made, your own design can be
requested to be wood burned on the
1/4 inch thick Birch plywood cover.
Includes 50 sheets of paper in
plastic sheet protectors.
Price:  $37 to $57 depending on design

"The Empty Bucket"
8 - 10 inches tall, 4 -6 inches in diameter
Carved out of one piece of Aspen or other wood.
Price:  $15 to $25 depending on size
Christmas Tree Ornament
roughly 3 x 5 inches
Price:  $7.00
Christmas Tree Ornament

"Tree with Dancers"
roughly 5 x 3 inches
various woods
Price:  $13 to $15 depending on size

"Pathways to the Heart"
Limited availability
Price:  $105

The Peddler's Den
Custom Gifts and Carvings
Phyllis Delaney
.255 Apache Trail, Woodland Park, CO 80863-9489
(719) 687-8391


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