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Satchwell Controls BMS


Satchwell Control Systems Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SIEBE, an industrial automation company. The company has nearly 70 years experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining automatic control systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

A coherent product development policy at Satchwell includes positive, long term relationships with customers and results in high quality, innovative products which serve industry throughout the world.

Head Office and Factories are in Slough, Berkshire, supplying 14 Regional Offices throughout the UK, and distributors in over 35 countries.


In 1921, Leonard Satchwell founded the Rheostatic Company Ltd. , with just 6 staff and one product - an unbreakable Power Resistor used for varying the speed of the trams and trolley buses. Rheostatic expanded into temperature controls and the domestic electrical appliance market.

In 1927, the Company introduced the world’s first commercially available thermostat with its patented magnetically controlled microgap switch. By 1931, the widespread use of automatic central heating in Europe led to a concentration on temperature control instruments and systems for automatic oil burners, oil stokers and other heating equipment.

In 1963, the name was changed to Satchwell Controls Systems Ltd. In recognition to the pioneering work done by Leonard Satchwell. In 1969, the Company became part of the General Electric Company, the largest electrical manufacturing group in UK.

We were the first company to recognize the potential of the silicon chip for environmental control products. Developments in the 1980’s enabled us to offer the first single loop direct digital temperature controller with networking capability.

Last January 03, 1997, Satchwell Controls was bought by SIEBE from GEC for £ 80 m.


We maintain a continuous and substantial program of Research and Development which has resulted in us producing innovative reliable products and software.

Our product range extends from valves, actuators, sensors and simple controllers to advanced intelligent control systems.

Our Engineering staff are qualified and trained to meet the needs of our customers in system design, procurement, installation and service.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of SIEBE, we have its full backing of technical and financial resources.

Customers can have confidence in Satchwell providing a solution that will meet their requirements now and in the future.


Satchwell is the largest HVAC controls company in the UK and one of the largest HVAC controls companies in Europe, with distributors in each country.

There are offices in the Middle East, Far East, Australasia and Distributors in all major Asian and Pacific countries.

Satchwell’s products and systems control and manage all forms of energy in HVAC installations, to ensure comfortable and cost efficient environmental conditions.

Should you require service in Singapore, a controller in Canada or a Building Management System in Birmingham, Satchwell, through its worldwide network can provide you with products, systems and service.


In the UK, Satchwell’s Engineering installation capability is the largest in the controls industry. With more than 130 Project and Commissioning Engineers and 14 Regional Offices, we can undertake projects ranging from the very small to those of multi-million pound size. Each Regional Office has the necessary skills, including Design and Commissioning Engineers, CAD Operators and Surveyors, to carry out the work.

Satchwell has engineering installation offices in the Middle East and Far East with the capability to undertake major projects. In other overseas markets, engineering installation work is carried out by Satchwell approved Distributors who have the systems capabilities to supply and install Controls and Intelligent Building Management Systems.


Satchwell manufactures a comprehensive range of products from controllers, sensors, valves and actuators to sophisticated Intelligent Building Management Systems.

Our products, when combined in a System, provide control solutions for Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Fan Coil Units, VAV Systems and Boilers.

The Intelligent Building Management Systems, the BAS2800 allows a building to be managed in a fully Integrated manner. Not only will it monitor, control and log all key aspects of HVAC performance, but by using the Open System Interconnect (OSI) model, the BAS 2800 provides interfaces for other systems, e.g., fire, security, access, lifts, lighting; to give a fully integrated and intelligent building system.

For applications such as small offices, schools and government buildings, the simpler Satchwell stand-alone controllers can also be linked and controlled by a central PC. The Satchnet software gives an easy-to-install and simple to use method for monitoring and controlling either individual or groups of small buildings and are sold via Satchnet integrators both in the UK and overseas.


The European EMC Directive is now mandatory for all electrical and electronic equipment sold within the European Community. All active apparatus must be certified and carry the CE mark of compliance.

As of the 1st of January 1996, all products manufactured and sold or distributed by Satchwell Controls Systems Ltd. Comply with the following directives, where appropriate :

89/336/EEC - Electromagnetic Compatibility
92/59/EEC - General Product Safety
73/23/EEC - Low Voltage
89/392/EEC - Machinery Safety

Satchwell have many years experience in designing and testing their own products for EMC compliance. Drawing on this experience Satchwell now offer pre-compliance and compliance testing as well as an EMC Directive advisory service of companies throughout the UK and the world.

Advantages of EMC approved products
· The product will meet or exceed the rigorous EMC safety standards.
· Helps to protect the electro-magnetic environment from electrical interference
· Allows products to operate in their specific environment immune from emission levels permitted by the EMC Directives
· Provides increased product reliability


Satchwell provides a powerful and flexible customer support capability in Service and Maintenance.

National coverage is provided in the UK, with Service Engineers based in all of the 14 Regional Offices and at our Head Office in Slough.

In overseas markets, the Satchwell Regional Offices or Distributors provide the same high level of Service and Maintenance support.

Agreements can be tailored to meet customer’s specific needs and cover any make of equipment. They can include a guaranteed response time and 24 hour call out.

Satchwell installations can be supported by the Satchwell Bureau Service. By using communication equipment and a central operator, sites can be remotely monitored and controlled.

Service and support can also encompass Energy Management, Controls Strategy and Maintenance Integration leading to Facilities Management System.

This Company capability ensures that any routine service or emergency can be resolved quickly and efficiently giving the user complete confidence in a Satchwell control system.


Distributors and customers are kept to date with the latest control techniques and services by courses held on sites worldwide and at our well equipped training centers at Slough and Coventry.

Training videos made by Satchwell are used to supplement these courses.

Satchwell staff and distributors are trained to the highest standards necessary to assure our customers the best possible service.


At its two manufacturing sites in Slough, Satchwell has invested in modern plant and systems to ensure that its extensive range of mechanical and electronic products are of the highest quality and readily available.

Surface Mount Technology plant is installed for the printed circuit board assembly. There are also a variety of sophisticated CNC machine tools and comprehensive equipment.

Satchwell is fully committed to providing the highest quality products and service. To this end we have obtained full ISO9001 accreditation.


We are very proud of our long history and protective of our good reputation; so we are very discriminating when selecting a distributor. Our impressions, reinforced from reliable sources, are that First Philippine Energy Corporation is the type of organization that we would wish to have as an exclusive distributor. We feel that we would both bring strengths, advantages and expertise to the table, which would allow us to launch a successful and mutually beneficial partnership in the Philippines.

Satchwell Controls’ SiiS and BAS2800


Satchwell is committed to evaluating each request and, where practicable, develop the interface at the agreed cost. Satchwell has taken the next logical step forward and created Satchwell Intelligent Integrated Systems for Building Management (SiiS), an intelligent link between third party systems and equipment.

SiiS utilises the flexible communication platform of BAS2800 and provides the power to integrate capabilities that have not been possible before.

The decentralized approach in SiiS brings functionality forward but retains the third party equipment’s ability to function independently.

This brings increased opportunities for savings in man hours, energy and operating costs.


BAS2800 is a powerful and highly intelligent building management system but easy to use. The complete monitoring and control of building services offered by BAS2800 allows information and instructions to be relayed between the plant and the operator.

The system design uses totally distributed intelligent outstations with “Peer to Peer” event driven Communications. This provides a single processing level for local control of the plant together with rapid data transfer around the system. In this set-up, there are no Master or Slave configured controller thus enabling any of the elements on the network to communicate directly with each other.
To enable your plant to be maintained and managed efficiently, a constant flow of accurate real time and historic data is instantly available.


Environmental Control
Graphical User Interface
Powerful Alarm Management
Maintenance Facilities
Energy Management Software
Electrical Control Strategies
System Security and Administration

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