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For both girls and guys, these sites have been individually
chosen based on their quality, reliability, and usefulness :)



Alcohol & Drugs


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Eating Disorders/
Body Image


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Aging Out

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Rape & Sexual Assault

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Rape Abuse Incest National Network (RAINN)
Call 1-800-656-HOPE if you have been abused. It’s available 24 hours a day and will connect you to a crisis center in your area. Not sure if what’s happened to you is abuse? Call anyway!

Stop It Now!
Stop It Now!'s mission is to call on all abusers and potential abusers to stop and seek help, to educate adults about the ways to stop sexual abuse, and to increase public awareness of the trauma of child sexual abuse.

If you are thinking about molesting a child, call Stop It Now!'s confidential hotline at 1-888-PREVENT (1-888-773-8368). It is available Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EST).

Male Survivor
Support for boys and men who have been victims of sexual abuse. Site includes a place to read and submit poetry, message board, and list of web sites made by male survivors of sexual abuse.

Sexual Abuse and Incest
Talks about the feelings abused teens often have, what signs of sexual abuse and incest are, how to protect yourself, and how to listen to someone who has been abused.

Healing Club
Don't suffer in silence. Sexual, physical, or verbal abuse is not acceptable. If you've been a victim of abuse, cope here with others.

Childhelp USA
If you are being abused, call the National Child Abuse Hotline and talk to a counselor. 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453). It is completely anonymous. Check out the site to learn more about abuse, how to protect yourself, and to find local phone numbers for reporting abuse.

Sexual Assault Care Centre
Wonderful site for teen survivors, developed by Canada's Sexual Assault Care Center. Very comprehensive, covering many issues that are important to teen victims (ex. Why me?, Make these thoughts stop, What if I’m pregnant?, Getting your life back).

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Teen Acne Information
The myths, the real story, acne stress test, how the sun can affect acne, and how to take care of the problem.

Acne, Blackheads, Oil Glands and Their Cures
Acne causes, the effects that diet, ethnicity and makeup can have on skin, acne tips and product recommendations. Many products can be bought on this site, but you can find the same basic ones at your local grocery store.

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Club Drugs
Information and resources on club drugs, including MDMA (Ecstasy), GHB, Rohypnol, ketamine, methamphetamine, and LSD.

Let's Be Blunt
Short and long-term effects, how long it stays in the body, amd if it can be addictive.

Promoting health and safety within the nightclub community. If you receive a drug/pill at a club or rave but youre not sure what it is, you can go on this site and find out. You can search based on the color of the pill, etc. They have tons of photos and lots of specific information.

Alcohol @ Teen Health
What alcohol is, how it effects the body, why it's best not to drink, how you can avoid drinking, and more.

Alcohol Screening
If you consume alcoholic beverages, it's important to know whether your drinking patterns are safe, risky or harmful. Answering these questions will take only a few minutes, and will generate personalized results based on your age, gender and drinking patterns. Your responses are completely confidential and anonymous.

National Center for Tobacco Free Kids
Get help to quit smoking and find out how help others quit by volunteering to spread the word about the hazards of smoking.

back to top Where You Are Not Alone!
Includes stories, poems, and drawings from victims and bullies; anyone can submit or reply. Also includes more bullying resources than any other site and an e-mail support group.

How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied Without Really Trying
The instructions are presented in ten easy lessons. As you will see, these instructions require you to do almost nothing. They are all based on seeing things differently, and then not doing the things you have been used to doing. You will save a lot of energy and get the results you really want.

Overcoming Peer Ridicule
If you're a kid or teen being ridiculed/bullied, here's sympathy and advice from someone who survived the same torture. Read a free excerpt from this helpful book: "Advice on Avoiding Depression"

Peer Pressure and Its Consequences
An essay written by a high school student about peer pressure - should you give into it or should you take control of your own life and be your own person? Read this essay and find out the pros and cons.

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Tookie's Corner
The late co-founder of the Crips gang has written a series of books to teach children about the dangers of gang violence. Read his protocol for peace and how he affected the lives of many teens.

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Secret Shame
Self-injury information and support, including causes, diagnoses, self-help, first aid, quotes and more.

Self-Injury: A Struggle
General information, personal stories from self-injurers, reviews, poetry, chat, and message board.

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Dating @ Teen Advice Online
Having trouble with guys? Don't know how to tell that special girl that you like her? This is the place for you. The dating section offers articles written by TAO counselors on topics such as flirting, true love, gifts, dating ideas, and more.

Dating Tips
Dating and relationship advice written for guys and girls by YOU! Also includes dating quizzes.

What Teenagers Want to Know
Great site with over 80 articles written by teenissues staff, including such topics as: friends and dating, divorce, health, finding the perfect part-time job, cultivating a realistic body image, dealing with step-siblings, figuring out the future, etc.

Love and Dating Advice for Teens
From Tips and hints to help you navigate the bumpy road of love. Many helpful articles including: Summer Fling or the Real Thing?, What’s Your Dating Style?, My Best Friend Stole My Girl!, and Help! He Never Calls Me!

French Kissing Tips and Techniques
"Am I doing this right?" Learn the basics here - all 16 of 'em!

Discussion topics include dating, flirting, dumping, kissing, sex, and more.

Teen Relationships
What’s Respect? What’s Abuse? How’s your relationship? How can we help? What can you do? Get the answers to these questions, plus lots more information.

If you're looking for a teen to talk to, who really knows their stuff, check out the chat room. You can talk to a certified teen counselor there at certain times during the week. p> If your rights are not being respected and you are in need of support, assistance, information, counseling, shelter and other services, call their 24-hour hotline: 1-800-799-SAFE.

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Depression and Bi-Polar Support Alliance (DBSA)
Learn about support groups, symptoms, education, and more.

Teens For Teens
This site pledges to help any person struggling with depression or a similar problem. We do not judge, diagnose or medicate, but we can provide ears to listen, hands to hold, and lotsa "e-hugs" from peers rather than adults who seem "not to understand". We are not doctors, but we want to help.

Teen Help
There are several different ways you can get advice and support on this site. The HelpLINK system consists of a staff of about 100 e-mail mentors who are available to answer your questions. The Support Forums are an online community of over 17,000 teens and growing, where everyone can ask questions or help others. There is also a chat room and the site is currently testing a new live help system! Everything on the site is totally anonymous, and better yet, totally free!

Tales from the Depressed Zone
The site is a personal account of one young man's struggles with depression, social phobia, overeating, and sex addiction

Facts for Families
From the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Learn the symptoms of and get more information on many emotional problems. Has hundreds of fact sheets.

Holiday Depression
Learn different ways to conquer holiday depression.

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It’s Not Okay: Teens : Divorce and Separation
Suggest ways for teens to cope with divorce and it’s affects (stress, loss of family, birthday and holiday issues, step-families).

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Center for Eating Disorders, Towson, MD
Very important: this center offers a treatment program which includes impatient and outpatient services. It is never too late to get help and never too soon.

Anred, Inc.
Provides information on everything, including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, compulsive exercising, and other less well-known food and weight disorders, and it's effects on guys and girls.

Males and Eating Disorders
Includes articles buy men who suffer or have suffered from anorexia and bulemia.

BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder) Central
Definition of BDD: A psychiatric disorder characterized by excessive preoccupation with imagined defects in physical appearance. People with body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) are obsessed by the idea that some part of their body -- their hair, nose, skin, hips, whatever -- is ugly or deformed, when in truth it looks normal. BDD may focus on moles, freckles, acne, minor scars, facial or body hair, or the size and shape of their breasts or genitalia. People with BDD may spend an excess of time looking in the mirror, be forever fixing their hair, or wear heavy makeup or sunglasses inside as a form of camouflage. They may make multiple medical visits or have surgical procedures to correct the imagined defect.

This comprehensive website was created to help those suffering with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. It also provides information to those who know, or would like to help, someone with the disorder.

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Emancipation in the United States
From the Juvenile Law Center. Learn what emancipation is, if it’s available in your state, and what the exact laws are. JLC offers a lot of other great information. Look around!

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You're not alone - meet kids and teens also in foster care. Information, contests, discussions, and more.

Casey Life Skills
Great website for those about to age of our fostercare. Completely confidential. Take a short survey called the Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment and learn the following:

  • Assessment of your strengths in life skills, such as money management, work and study habits, self-care, and readiness for seeking a job and housing
  • Identify and set realistic goals for growth
  • Create a customized learning plan
  • Teach life skills with "Ready, Set, Fly" or other available teaching resources.
  • Keep coming back to track progress

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    The impact of loss is often life changing. By working through grief, rather than trying to get around it, it is possible to achieve relief from pain and even a healthy outlook. GriefZone offers free articles and other resources that may help you along the way.

    A Guide to Grief
    This guide will help you understand the grief you and others may feel after a death, whether sudden or anticipated.

    Beyond Indigo
    Changing the way you feel about grief and loss. Light a candle, talk on the message boards, read articles, get tips, and more.

    Pet Loss Grief Support
    Pet Loss Grief Support is the first place to visit when a beloved pet passes on. Here are personal support resources, Monday Candle Ceremony, healing poetry including Rainbow Bridge and much more. You will find personal support and thoughtful advice.

    Comfort Zone Camp
    The nation's largest bereavement camps for children ages 7-17. Camps are free and they offer weekends and a week-long camp.

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    Ask the Dietitian
    Joanne Larsen MS RD LD answers your health questions. The site contains an immense archive of previously answered questions. It also includes a Health Calculator that will help you find your healthy weight and calories.

    FitTeen: Fitness for Teenagers!
    Learn new exercises to keep fit and in good health, ask trainers any questions you may have about exercise, and become more informed about correct nutrition.

    Men's Health Forum
    Extensive information and advice on everything from nutrition and fitness to healthy dieting, sports nutrition myths, hair loss, steroids, circumcision, tattoos,...I could go on and on.

    Trends in Teen Nutrition
    Has lots of tips for teens on how to be healthy. Talks about nutrient needs, weight management, and more.

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    Stop Loneliness
    Dont feel bad about being lonely or going for help. Loneliness is a problem for many people. It can result from a number of a different factors which this site tries to address. These include anxiety, shyness and depression. Here you can make a personal plan, get ideas to better yourself, or find out the answer to why you might be feeling lonely.

    Campus Blues
    This page focuses on loneliness at college, but it can really be applied to any age. Focuses on how to develop friendships and yourself in order to improve the way you feel.

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    70% to 90% of menstruating women have Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS). If you think you have premenstrual symptoms - or know you do - this site can help you do something meaningful about them.

    Common Period Problems
    Sometimes having your period can be a pain - literally. Here are the facts on which period problems are common and normal - and which ones might indicate there's something else going on.

    Your First Period: Don't Panic!
    Every girl gets “it.” What to expect, how to deal with it (it's not all that hard, don't worry), menstrual myths, and other related topics.

    Pre-Menstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)
    Premenstrual dysphoric disorder or PMDD is a condition associated with severe emotional and physical problems that are linked closely to the menstrual cycle.

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    Emergency Contraception
    Have you recently had sex without protection and now realise youre at risk to become pregnant? Use emergency contraception! This site offers everything you could ever want to know about it: what it is, how long after sex you can take it, where you can get it, how much it is, etc.

    Coalition for Positive Sexuality (CPS)

    Planned Parenthood
    Offers information about human sexuality, such as peer pressure, birth control choices, gynecology, guides to sexuality, a sex IQ test, and more. Also allows access to reproductive health care services.

    The National Campaign the Prevent Teen Pregnancy
    The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, founded in February 1996, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan initiative supported almost entirely by private donations. Its mission is to improve the well-being of children, youth, and families by reducing teen pregnancy. The Campaign's goal is to reduce the teen pregnancy rate by one-third between 1996 and 2005.

    A Closer Look at Teen Pregnancy
    1995 photo-documentary of pregnant teens in Ohio.

    Teen Pregnancy Help
    Baby tips, stages of pregnancy, nutrition, FAQ, tips for parents of pregnant teens, birth control choices, child support, freebies, adoption, teen fathers, and more!

    Candie's Foundation
    The Candie's Foundation mission is to educate teens about the consequences of teenage pregnancy, bringing it into the national consciousness through a public awareness initiative, which aims to reduce teen pregnancy in the United States.

    Pregnancy: The Final Frontier
    Expectant teen mother's guide to pregnancy.

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    Emergency Contraception
    Very informative site. Designed to provide accurate information about emergency contraception derived from medical literature and a directory of clinicians willing to provide emergency contraceptives in your area.

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    If you're thinking about running away...
    This article talks about why teens usually run away, the true reality of being on the streets, and what to think about if you or a friend wants to run away.

    National Runaway Switchboard
    YOU HAVE A RIGHT: to be listened to, to be yourself, to be safe, to be home. The National Runaway Switchboard (1-800-RUNAWAY) operates a confidential hotline for runaway youth, teens in crisis, and concerned friends and family members. All services are free and available 24 hours every day. This website also has a message board, tips for teens, and information on other programs that can help you.

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    Scarlet Teen
    Sex education for the real world. A very cool sex education and sexuality information site for teens. Includes sections just for guys (Boyfriend) and just for girls (Pink Slip).

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    Get the STD Picture
    Think you've got a big sex IQ? Try the STD name game. From WebMD.'s STD Guide
    Warning: Some of the images are graphic. This site covers everything: from crabs to condoms to syphilis and PID. It also has a section on anatomy which you might want to read before you move on to the STDs.

    I Wanna Know
    From the American Social Health Association. Answers to your questions about teen sexual health and sexually transmitted diseases. Includes a really interesting section on questions to ask tattoo artists and body piercers.

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    Teen Stress from the Wholistic Stress Control Institute
    Talks about good and bad stress, signs of stress, and most importantly, ways to handle too much of it. Go here to test your stress!

    Mananging Exam Stress

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    Teen Depression and Suicide
    General information, warning signs, statistics, and common myths. Plus learn how you can help yourself or a loved one deal with depression or suicidal thoughts.

    The Gift of Keith
    Support for people who have lost a loved one to suicide. This web site includes “Survivors Cyber Friends” and a lot of information and articles on grief, faith, and understanding suicide.

    Yellow Ribbon ASK4HELP Cards
    If you are feeling suicidal, but don't know how to ask for help, go to this page and order/print out cards to help you express your need for help. Give them to a friend, family member, teacher, or anyone else you can. If you need help immediately, please call 1-800-SUICIDE. Operates 24 hours a day.

    suicide: read this first
    If you are feeling suicidal now, please stop long enough to read this. It will only take about five minutes. I do not want to talk you out of your bad feelings. I am not a therapist or other mental health professional - only someone who knows what it is like to be in pain.

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    Vegetarian Nutrition for Teenagers
    More and more teenagers are choosing not to eat meat, poultry or fish. They are becoming vegetarians. Teenage vegetarians are often faced with pressures -- pressures from parents concerned about their health, and pressures from within to continue on the path they have chosen. Go here to learn about good nutrition, the benefits of vegetarianism, quick foods and even the names of famous vegetarians.

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    What You Can Do About Gun Violence
    Growing up in today's society, you might sometimes feel helpless, confused or overwhelmed by the events taking place around you. Whether you have recently experienced the loss of a dear friend to gun violence or suicide, been intimidated by peers or gang members, or felt depressed by the flood of violence in the media, it is important to remember that you are not alone.

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    Last updated: 14 October 2005