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Values & Criterions

Welcome to the Value & Criterion page. Here I am trying to compile as many values and criterions as I can. If you know of any that I've missed, email them to me with an explaination and I will put them up.

Equality- A time when all people are treated the same. There is two different types of Equality, Equality of Opportunity and Equality of Condition. Equality of Opportunity gives all people the same chances of achievement. Equality of Condition is a state where everything is shared.

Freedom- The absence of government restraint on our lives. Freedom allows individuals to live their life as they see necessary. Carefully define freedom when using it.

Individualism- This value pertains to the idea that the individual comes before society. A persons interests come before all.

Justice- This is the most easiest and overused value in LD. Justice can mean numerous things, depending on how it is used. Most define justice as giving each their due or fairness.

Morality- A value used when you want to say that your side will lead to morality or the action created by your side is moral. Carefully define this value so your opponent and judge are aware of how you are upholding it.

Quality of Life- A value that is concerned about the quality of living. It is used when people want to say that affirming/negating improves the quality of one's life.

Social Contract- This is an agreement among people to form a society. It states that people gave up some freedom to allows the government to protect them. Three main philosophers have their own theory of the social contract, Hobbes, Locke, and Rousseau. Make sure to read up on them before using the social contract.

Sanctity of Life- The value that states that life is sacred. Other values cannot be enjoyed if we do not value life first. Anything that harms life, then becomes immoral/unjustified.

Safety-This a condition of being secure. Safety is assured when one is free from danger. Use it to make a connection from your case to resolution saying your side is safest.

Utilitarianism- The greatest good for the greatest number. When an action makes the greatest good it is then justified. Use this value to show your side creates the greatest happiness for society or the individual.

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