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ShOrT bIo On KuRt!!

Kurt was born on the 20th of Febuary 1967 in Aberdeen Washington Sate/10 miles westof Seatlle. His father Don a garage mechanic and his mother Wendy a cocktail waitress. Kurt had a happy childhood listening non stop to Beatle records until the age of 9 when his parents divorced.From then on he was passed back and forth between realitives. This really screwed Kurt up, he became depressed and shy.For a while Kurt lived with his Father in a caravan park, then with his cousins and finally with his grandparents. Kurt Never fitted in well at school, he was often labelled homosexual and beaten up alot for it. Kurt got his first guitar at the age of 14 and the first song he learned was " My Best Friends Girl". It was about the time the Melvins came into the spotlight. Kurt became a committed fan and not only went to gigs but rehersals and even soundchecks.It was the Melvins drummre that introduced Kurt to Krist Novoselic,immediently they formed a band. Kurt started off playing drums and for a while they called themselves Skid Row, they mainly played Parites. But even Krist did not share Kurt's commitment to the band, that winter they left Aberdeen to live in Seattle. In Seattle they recruited Chad Channing on drums and realesed their first single a cover of Love Buzz. It was a limited edition of 1,000 copies.They decided to change their name to Nirvana and realesed their debut album Bleach. Although the cd recived encouraging reviews it was only destined for cult followers. By not the group were starting ot attract attetnion for their world wide live shows. The band then took off and Kurt and Krist helped Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees on his solo album. Chad then decided to leace, they picked up Dave Grohl, Nirvana then lost patience with sub pop and jumped to griffen. They signed for 400,000 advance and then came Nevermind.

Nevermind was originally realeased as a limited edition with only 50,000 copies made. Nirvan then became stars overnight. "Smells Like Teen Spirt" became a top 10 hit and the album went to sell 10 million copies World Wide.Nirvana enjoed their success and were in constant demand for interviews, they insisted on doing all their interviews as a group and the world loved them!! Their ever move was watched by millions. Kurt then appeared on the British Tv Show" The Word" to announce that Courtney was the "Greatest fuck in the world" It was the punk rock romance of the decade,cemented when the 2 bands played togehter at La Palace Theatre later that month. Not everyone loved Courtney there were people who say she was a calming influence on Kurt, and those who blame her for everything that went wrong in Kurt's life. Every time Nirvana cancelled a show there were rumours of drug use. Cobain was said to have become withdrawn and difficult to work with. Just 2 months after the couples whirl wind romance became public they announced the Courtney was pregnant. The couple then married on the 24th of Febuary in Wakaii, Hawaii this came as a surprise. Rumours started to fly that both Kurt and Courtney were on Herowin. Courtney gave birth to a healthy baby girl on the 18th of August and they named her Francis Bean Cobain.

However a court in Los Angelas took Francis into care(she was given to Courtney's half sister) after Courtney admitted to doing drugs during her pregnancy in an interview for Vanity Affair. After 2 months Francis was given back. Kurt was reported missing on the 4th of April by a caller from Los Angelas it was supposingly Kurt's Mother Wendy, but she says she never left Seattle. The caller repotedlt told police that Kurt had brought a shotgun and had returned to his Seattle home Reportings were flying that Kurt was missing and suicidal, there were 2 reported sightings of Kurt at his farmhouse but the police did not go check them! On the 8th of April at 8:45am Kurt's body was found by an electricanin his guest house over looking the property, he had committed suicide at the age of 27. when found Kurt was wearing blue jeans nad a light blue jumper he had his wallet opened and his drivers licence was showing.He had taking one shot of Herowin and then put the gun to his mouth and pulled the trigger with his toes. A memorial Service was held for Kurt at the Seattle Centre were more then 5,000 fans came to mourn the death of their idle and say their own farewelles.Courtney sent a tape of herself reading from kurt's suicide not, songs from IN Utero and Unplugged I New YOrk were then played and fans sang along.

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