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FuDgE'z TribUtE tO KuRt CoBaIn!

On the 8th of April 1994, the world as we knew it stood still as rumours of Kurt Cobain's suicide began to circulate. Radio station phone's were ringing off the hook as everyone asked the question "Is it true??" At approximatly 10.30am we got the answer none of us wanted to hear, Kurt had commited suicide at the age of 27.

Or Did He?? Was it suicide? There are so many rumours that Courtney hired someone to kill kurt for his money, that she only ever loved him for his money, and he was leaving her so she had him killed. We will never know the real answer, and maybe some of us don't want to know, what we do know is that Kurt may be gone, But He will NEVER be forgotten he will live on Forever in the spirt of is fans and he is sadly missed by all.

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