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Richard's Biography

AGE: 22


Place of Birth:  Beckley, West Virgina

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     Hello and Welcome to the site of TEAM 3.  We are students attending Pueblo Community College (PCC).  We are building this website for CIS273 (LAN Service and Support).


     I am a Computer Information Systems major and after completing my program I will be a Webmaster.  I have been enrolled since the summer of 1998 and will recieve my degree in the summer or fall of 2000.

                           Current Employment:

     My primary job is working as a mechanic at the Canon City bowling alley (Ideal Fun Center). My duties include but are not limited to; repairing/rebuilding AMF 8230 pinspotters, ball drilling, ball repair, and lane maintenance. I also work part time at Katieco Computers where I repair all types of computer equipment.

Things I Like to do:

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