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Your Touch

Although I Know so very Little Much,

About the feelings in your touch.

I do believe that It's true and sincere,

And how I long to hold you near.

To hold you close and never let you go,

While we dance in the moonlight so very slow.

To be with you through eternity,

You know would mean so much to me.

I hope I know just what to say,

To cheer you up and make your day.

Sometimes I dream of a love so true,

Sometimes I gleam with an I love You.

But none of this will ever compare,

With you and I, and the things we share.

You have shown me another light,

You have filled my heart with such delight.

You've changed my life, and made it bright.

I hope that I have lifted your spirit,

Cause my love is loud, just listen, you'll hear it.

And I hope you enjoyed this poem for you,

For I know that our friendship is forever true.

by Richard Workman

Copyright ã 2002 All Rights Reserved.