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I do believe that I understand,


The way I feel about you now.


All that I want is to take your hand,


And be there for you through every vow.


I can write and write but words canít say


How much I would love to take you away.


I was here before but lost the chance,


To speak my heart and learn to dance.


I pray that we will be together


For as long as we both shall live


Because right now weíre friends forever,


And I know that I have more to give.


So when you wish to take a dare,


Just let me know and Iíll be there.


Iíll dry your tears and soften your heart,


Iíll rid your fears and never part.


I ask you to join me on my quests,


Of good fortune and love that never rests.


So if youíre convinced that my love is true,


Weíll start right now, but itís up to you.



Written By Richard Workman

All Rights Reserved.