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Richard Workman

1715 Cedar Avenue, Canon City, CO 81212        Phone: (719) 276-2468        Email:



To obtain a career that involves Computer Information Systems, Networks, and or Computer Technology.


Interpersonal :  My interpersonal skills enable me to meet and work well with others.  Teamwork is very important to me because it is an effective way to solve complex projects.

Communication: I have learned the importance of effective communication through work and personal experience.  I have found that good documentation and planning can solve problems before they arise.


1992 – 1996                  Cotopaxi High School           Cotopaxi, CO 81223

Graduated Received Diploma

§     Received college credits for Electronics and History.  I was also awarded a $2000 scholarship from Pueblo Community College

§     Received Industrial Technician award for welding experience.

§     GPA: 3.6

1998 – 2000                  Pueblo Community College     Pueblo, CO 81004

Associates Degree/Computer information Systems

·         Received a Service Learning Award for technician repair

·         Current GPA : 3.667

·         CIS Major (Computer Information Systems)

·         Area of Study: Local Area Networking (LAN)

·         Received Associates of Applied Science Degree in Computer Science


Interests and activities

My interests include working with computers, electronics, and machinery.


Computer:  I have taken courses on the following software; Lotus 123, Microsoft Works, Quatro Pro, Word Perfect, Microsoft Excel 97, Microsoft Word 97, Microsoft Access 97, Electronic Workbench 4.0, DOS, Basic, Gwbasic, Qbasic, Borland C++, Visual Basic, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Unix/Linux, I am experienced in Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Terminal Server, Citrix Terminal Server, Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 5.5, SQL Server 7.5 / 2000, Office 2003, Office XP, Microsoft Front Page 98/2000/2003, Microsft Project 98/2000/2003, Microsoft Visio 2003, Visual Manufacturing, Goldmine 6.5, HTML, Java. I have 5 years experience working with and setting up routers/gateways, switches/hubs for WAN’s and LAN’s. I have 7 years of on the job experience troubleshooting and repairing computer hardware and software.

Electronics: In High School I repaired electronic components such as TV’s, VCR’s, and Stereo’s.  For 2 years I was a member of PCC’s Computer club at the Fremont County campus where I gained additional computer experience.

Work Ethic: I have experience in a large variety of jobs, which has taught me the importance of being an efficient and effective worker. In each job I was able to advance quickly and adapt to any changes.

Work experience

1993 – 1997                  Cotopaxi High School                    Cotopaxi, CO


§     Lawn and Gardening Upkeep of football field and grasses

§     Maintenance assistant


1996 – 1997                  Geller Construction Inc.                     Salida, CO


§     Used compactors, bobcat, and garden tools for landscaping maintenance.

§     Painted walls and benches and installed insulation for new gym.


1998 – 2000                  Ideal Fun Center                         Canon City, CO


§     Repair/Rebuild AMF 8230 pinspotters and parts

§     Duties include lane maintenance, register/credit card machine operation/programming, and maintenance on the building and property of Business.

§     I have achieved a level of A -Mechanic for AMF 8230 Pinspotters and have been given 7 raises. My wages are $6.50/hour.


1999 – 2001                  Katieco Computers                     Canon City, CO


·         I troubleshoot and repair computers and computer software.  Operating Systems include MS Dos 6.0 to Windows 2000 plus Windows NT.

·         Wages: $7.00/hour – Wages for Service Calls: $10.00/hour


Network Administrator

·         My Duties as Network Administrator include daily backups of databases

And critical documents and files which includes taking backups offsite.

·         Troubleshooting Hardware and Software issues.

·         Troubleshooting Network Issues both WAN and LAN.

·         Setting up wireless/wired Computer Hardware and Software.

·         Keeping Antivirus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-spam programs updated.

·         Editing and Updating Portec’s web site.

·         Traing users on how to use computers and software.

·         Creating an Inventory system which includes a wiring diagram of every computer related device, its location, and detailed information about it.

·         Purchasing and creating Capital Expenditure Reports for acquiring new products and consumables.

·         24-hour Technical support for users.

·         Wages: $13.10/hour


                                                   Occupation                Years Known

David Hemming           Electronics/Computer Teacher                12

631 Rudd, Canon City CO 81212

Phone Number (719) 275-6564

Larry Coleman             Retired                                                  12

0495 CR 47, Howard CO 81233

Phone Number (719) 942-3543

Karen Predovich          CHS Counselor                                      12

1726 Sherman Ave.

Phone Number (719) 275-9249