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There once was a time when peace was among us all,


But I have come to understandthat the peace between us is small.


Just let me tell you that I regret,


Anything Iíve said or done to make you upset.


If there is anything you want me to do ,


Then let me know for I surely love you,


And will do anything that you want me to.


Your eyes are like that of a beautiful cat,


For they shine and have a bright glow,


They twinkle like the stars and sparkle like snow,


And of their color is like a rainbow.


Your lips are so soft and sweet,


That they glisten in the sun and glow in the heat.


Your hair is so smooth and soft like fur,


And it smells as sweet as a flower.


Yes my darling you are my only love,


For you are the one my dreams are of.


And my love for you shall never die,


Because when weíre together the sparks surely fly.


I hope that this poem that I wrote to you,


Will forever last in your heart and I just,


Hope that some day youíll love me too.



Written By Richard E. Workman

All Rights Reserved.