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When I Met You



When I met you my heart was freed,


For you fulfill my every need.


I want a love that is so true,


I want a heart that is not blue,


And from the start Iíve wanted you.


My love for you will just increase,


And with this love Iíll never cease.


I need for you to understand,


My love is true and surely grand.


And with these feelings Iíll never part,


Since Iíll give you my only heart.


I wish I knew just what to say,


To prove to you my love will stay


I guess I do in at least one way.


I could love you forever even after I die,


For you need not be clever to tell you just why.


Itís magic I plead like a dove upon flight,


Yes magic indeed love at first sight.


And if youíve read this poem I wrote,


I hope youíll consider Iím an amateur poet,


And when thereís love this is how I show it,


But I guess by now you already know it.


Now I ask of you to tell me our fate,


If youíd like to be friends or would rather us date,


For I know I want you to be my true mate.


If neitherís the case, then I guess I have failed,


Because Iím on a ship that Iíve never sailed.


What Iím trying to say is that I would not know,


How to win your heart if you let me go.



Written By Richard E. Workman

All Rights Reserved.