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The Love We Share



The love that we share has grown very strong,


This feeling I know could not be all wrong.


For we comprehend one anotherís own needs,


And all that we lack are a few little deeds.


And these weíll accomplish only with time.


Just like a clock, chime after chime.


And with these words I can finally part,


With the only key to open my heart.


I pray that my love can bring you much joy,


And I hope with our love that we can employ.


All of our dreams with everyday ďlifeĒ light


So our love will forever last even at night.


And when our Lord willing youíll become my wife.


To me you are a blessing of love


In whom Iíll confide and always think of.


I pray youíll be strong and take care of me,


Whenever Iím low or ever need be.


Iíve opened my eyes and can finally see,


That I need your affection to comfort me.


Right now is the time to make a good start,


And all that I need is the key to your heart.


For me the darkness came first and then their was light


The lord above has shown me the true way to fight


For all of the goodness that he makes is so great


With all the love that he gives the best comes to those who wait.



Written By Richard E. Workman

All Rights Reserved.