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Little Time



I am not sure but I do wonder,


Why when it rains, there痴 sometimes thunder.


I hope that you know just how I feel,


And I want you to know that it痴 for real.


I guess it may be hard to believe,


But it is the truth, that I値l never leave.


All I can offer is my true love,


And I know that you値l find that it is above,


The highest mountain that you値l ever see.


Cause deep in my heart you mean so much to me.


There is so much that I need to say,


And so little time that lessons each day.


There is one thing, in which I am afraid,


It痴 the thought of you and another while I知 in the shade.


But if you池e not sure which way you should turn,


Then let your heart choose cause you値l only learn.


I値l understand if I知 not the one


Cause our lives have been planned when all has been done.


All that I need is your loving hand,


Your loving heart and a wedding band,


All I can say is that I am sincere,


And if we have love we値l always be near.





Written By Richard E. Workman

All Rights Reserved.