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Little Note



To the one who reads my little note,


I would like to tell you that Iím a poet.


You might say that I have a way with words and how they rhyme,


Itís the way they sound the same time after time.


Some will draw a tear and others a smile,


At first it is easy but gets harder after awhile.


So draw yer ear near and grab you a beer,


While I make my point so crystal clear.


Well Iíd like to embark, so Iíll come out of the dark,


To tell you that love is no walk in the park.


Sometimes it begins from the place within your heart,


So it is true that an I love you helps your love start


So take it from there with the lovethat youíll share,


And never forget that Iíll always care.



Written By Richard E. Workman

All Rights Reserved.