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My Heart To Yours


I know your heart must wonder,

If mine can take you under.

Underneath a blanket of love,

Under Godís light from above,

Is where my heart will long for you,

Prayingthat this dream comes true.

When I look into your eyes my heart goes under,

Your spell of passion that shakes like thunder.

Youíve caught my eye and captured my heart,

You make me high when your love does start.


Our life together has now begun,

Our souls our now attached as one.

Your heart and mine clutched to each other,

Beating just in time with one another.


My body, soul, and heart aches for your touch,

Your love and passion I can never get too much.

Iíll lay awake each night until Iím by your side,

My breath you take away and I lose my foolish pride.


The love youíve given me came with such addiction.

The love Iíll always give comes without restriction.

I want to be the one, who makes you feel complete.

Like flowers need the sun, I need your body heat.


You should always know, you mean the world to me.

Love could always grow, between us girl you see.

The love weíll share will live forever in my heart.

When our love is measured, Babe it tops the chart.


By Richard Workman

Copyright 2004 All Rights Reserved.