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Angels of Heaven...

"Nothing can heal a broken heart like... An Angel's kiss..."

Firstly, a very warm welcome to my homepage, dedicated to all Heavenly Angels Above, as well as to all the Angels in My Life. I truly adore Angels, their beauty and all, and I hope that all of you will too! = )

So please allow me to do a brief introduction on Angels.

Angels - Who are they??

‘Angel’ is the Greek word for ‘Angelos’ which means messenger. They are the messengers of God and are created by Him. They are intelligent beings of selfless devotion, limitless patience, unconditional love, and resolute determination.

They live in Heaven, but spend most of their time on Earth with us. Even though we are not always aware of their presence, they are constantly giving us support, encouragement, love and protection.

Angels present themselves differently to people of different beliefs and religions. However, what I find most amazing is that Angels are neither male or female! They are just beings who meditate between the Spiritual Realm (Heaven) and the Physical Realm (Earth) and they deliver messages to and forth between the 2 realms.

There are different types of Angels as well… They are mainly grouped into 4 Different Angel categories - the Guardian Angels, the ArchAngels, the Earth Angels as well as the Zodiac & Weekday Angels.

Yep yep, that’s about it! = ) Oh yeah, and please drop by The Palace of Angels and Angelic Shrine to look at those beautiful Angels!!

"Humans must be loved, but Angels must be loved to be known."

Have an Angelic Day.= )
Christmas Page coming soon!