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The above image was a 10second time laps with 800ASA and 28mm lens and no flash. There was always a decent queue behind the newly completed 16inch. Great views of the planets Jupiter and Saturn.

Report by Dave Owen:-

This event started, at 7:30pm, with quite a large amount of cloud. Gradually, this cloud dispersed and, as on so many similar occasions, the clearest weather was after 9:00 p.m., when most people had gone home. The largest scope was the recently built 16-inch Dobsonian. This was transported from the LAS Pex Hill Observatory by Dave Thomson. Assembly of this open frame telescope was complete in about five minutes. The views of Jupiter, Saturn and the Orion Nebula seemed to justify every torturous minute spent in making it. The Moon rose at about 8:00 p.m. and produced some embarrassment for me as I struggled to locate this bright object before it was pointed out that I had not uncovered the primary mirror of the 16 inch scope!

Jim Stacey had set up his 8-inch reflector with its computerised drive/pointing system. John Naylor set up his 8-inch Dobsonian telescope and the telescope line up was complete with Alan Pritchard's 10-inch reflector. The Halton Ranger, Rob Smith, who had first contacted us about organising an event at this riverside location, persuaded me to abandon observing and present a slide show to about 15 people in his warm Visitors' Centre. Having selected a small number of slides that represented solar system objects I was able to enjoy the luxury of operating Rob's slide projector with his infra red remote control. Much cooler than worrying about a trailing wire remote.

Dave Thomson had to leave not long after 9:00 p.m. Fortunately, Joe McIntyre had brought along a big empty van that was perfect for transporting the 16-inch back to Pex Hill. Lets hope it can make an appearance at the next Sidewalk event at Leasowe Lighthouse on Fri 26 Jan 2001.