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Leasowe Lighthouse event on Friday 14 January 2000

[Image] Notes by Dave Owen:-

The Leasowe Lighthouse event on Fri 14 Jan 2000 went quite well. We estimate that the attendance was about 120. I did three slide shows indoors so I did not see a great deal of what was happening outside. However, there were sufficient breaks in the cloud to show the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn. Alan Cavaliere made a brave attempt at using the 12 inch Platt but the conditions were to windy for it to be used easily. My 6 inch telescope was looked after by Gerald Oliver. Juan Rivero brought his C8. Steve Southern brought his ETX, and Jim Stacey brought his 4.5 inch Tal. So, a fair number of telescopes.

If anybody would like to help out at a future Sidewalk event, or has any ideas that would enhance these events, please come along or E-mail myself or Geoff Regan.


The light house is positioned at the end of the Wirral Peninsula. The map below gives a detailed view of its location. A good road map will show the lighthouse or railway station indicated below.