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Christopher Cleary's Dune 2000 Page

This Page is Currently under Construction but will hopefully be up and fully operational soon.

This page will features Infomation on Dune 2000's Structures, Units, and Houses.

I would like to that Westwood Studio's for making these Pictures and Information on the web.
All pictures and information are from Dune 2000 web sites.
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Structures Pic's and Information.


Type: Production Facility

Requires: Wind Trap

Purpose: Barracks are required to produce and train light
infantry units. Barracks need to be upgraded for the
production of more advanced infantry

Armor: Medium. Barracks are vulnerable to most types of

[Gun Turret]

Type: Ground Based Turret

Requires: Barracks

Purpose: Base defense. The Gun Turret has a medium range-gun
which is effective against vehicles, especially heavily
armored vehicles. The Gun Turret will fire on any enemy unit
within range.

Armor: Medium. The Gun Turret is resistant to bullet and
explosive weapons, but vulnerable to missiles and
high-caliber guns.


Type: Military Surveillance Structure

Requires: Barracks

Purpose: If the player has sufficient power, the Outpost will
generate a radar map. Radar is automatically activated when
construction of the Outpost is complete.

Armor: Medium. The Outpost is vulnerable to most types of

[Rocket Turret]

Type: Ground Based Turret

Requires: Outpost

Purpose: Base defense. The substantially upgraded Rocket
Turret has a longer range and a higher rate of fire than the
Gun Turret. The Rocket Turret's advanced targeting equipment
requires power to operate.

Armor: Heavy. The Rocket Turret is resistant to bullet and
explosive weapons, but vulnerable to missiles and high
caliber guns.

[Hi Tech Factory]

Type: Production Facility

Requires: Outpost

Purpose: The High Tech Factory is required for the production
of Carryalls. House Atreides can upgrade the High Tech
Factory to build Ornithopters for an air strike.

Armor: Light. The High Tech Factory is vulnerable to most
types of weapons.


Type: Advanced Structure

Requires: Outpost

Purpose: The Starport allows you to engage in intergalactic
trading with the C.H.O.A.M. merchant's guild. The Starport
provides a trading market for vehicles and airborne units at
premium rates. You cannot purchase units from the guild
without this facility.

Armor: Heavy. The Starport is vulnerable to most types of

[Light factory]

Type: Production Facility

Requires: Refinery

Purpose: The Light Factory is required for the production of
small, lightly armored combat vehicles. The Light Factory can
be upgraded to produce advanced light vehicles.

Armor: Medium. A Light Factory is vulnerable to most types of


Type: Storehouse

Requires: Refinery

Purpose: The Spice Silo allows the player to store harvested
Spice. When the Refinery completes processing, Spice is
automatically distributed evenly among the Silos. When
harvested Spice exceeds Silo capacity, the excess will be
lost. When Spice Silos are attacked and destroyed or
captured, the amount stored will be deleted from your

Armor: Light. The Spice Silo is vulnerable to most types of

[Concrete Slab]

Type: Foundation

Requires: Construction Yard

Purpose: If buildings are not placed on concrete they will be
damaged. Buildings can be repaired, but unless the building
sits completely on concrete, the building will suffer
continual weathering damage from the erosive desert

Armor: Medium. Concrete is vulnerable to most types of
weapons. Concrete cannot be repaired if damaged, and must be
replaced, or abandoned.

[Construction Yard]

Type: Production Facility

Requires: Nothing (built by Mobile Construction Vehicle)

Purpose: The Construction Yard is the foundation of any base
built on Arrakis. Construction Yards produce a small amount
of power, and are required for the building of any new
structures. Protect this structure! It is critical to the
success of your base.

Armor: Medium. Construction Yards are fairly strong, but
vulnerable in varying degrees to all types of weapons.

[Wind Trap]

Type: Power Plant

Requires: Construction Yard

Purpose: Wind Traps provide power and water to an
installation. Large above ground ducts funnel wind currents
underground into massive turbines which power generators and
humidity extractors.

Armor: Light. Wind Traps are vulnerable to most types of

[Heavy Factory]

Type: Production Facility

Requires: Refinery

Purpose: The Heavy Factory allows the player to build heavy
vehicles like Harvesters and Tanks. When upgraded, this
facility allows the construction of advanced vehicles, though
some vehicles will also require other buildings.

Armor: Heavy. The Heavy Factory is vulnerable to most types
of weapons.

[Repair Pad]

Type: Industrial Facility

Requires: Heavy Factory

Purpose: With a Repair Pad, vehicles can be repaired for
varying prices. Without this facility, damaged vehicles
cannot be repaired.

Armor: Medium. The Repair Pad is vulnerable to most types of

[IX research Center]

Type: Technology Facility

Requires: Outpost

Purpose: The IX Research Center provides technology upgrades
for structures and vehicles. This facility is required for
production of a number of advanced special weapons and

Armor: Light. The IX Research Center is vulnerable to most
types of weapons.


Type: Capitol Building

Requires: IX Research Center

Purpose: The Palace Serves as the command center as soon as
it is occupied. Many palaces feature unique additional
options, making available a number of advanced special

Armor: Heavy. The Palace is vulnerable to most types of

House Atreides

HOMEWORLD : The Planet Caladan. Verdant. Lush.
Prosperous. The water world.

LEADER : Duke Leto Atreides. Noble. Just. Diplomatic.
Intelligent. Duty-Bound.
human computer, of the most traditional education and
schooling. Noble and intelligent, like the House.

MILITARY STRENGTHS: An exceptional air force composed of
Ornithopters; high-quality and good condition of
vehicles and structures; intense loyalty among the
conscripts to their honorable Duke; a highly-skilled
Mentat of premier strategic training; The potential of a
diplomatic alliance with the Fremen warriors.

HOUSE PROFILE : Virtue is clearly on the side of
the Atreides. While not one of the richer
Houses, the Atreides have ruled Caladan with a generous,
noble spirit for ten generations. Their people are
hard-working and desire both peace and honor. Atreides
troops are exceptionally devoted to their Duke. Our
spies have seen nothing like it, in any other House of
the galaxy - excepting, perhaps, the Fremen.

Our spies confirm that the Atreides campaign is being
advised by the brilliant Mentat Noree Moneo, long-time
Mentat to the Duke. Moneo appears to have advised
caution; of all the Houses, the Atreides seem most
suspicious of the Emperor's challenge. As expected, the
Atreides have been holding off attack of both the Ordos
and the Harkonnen, simply defending themselves against a
series of raids, sabotage, and larger offensives. True
to their nature, the Atreides have first attempted
diplomacy. Yet Arrakis tolerates nothing of diplomacy;
soon, the Atreides will crush their opponents in the


House Harkonnen

HOMEWORLD: The Planet Geidi Prime. Dark. Industrial.
Toxic. Cruel.

LEADER: The Baron Harkonnen, or Siridar-Baron -
Planetary Governor. Like Geidi Prime, the Baron is dark.
Cruel. Savage. Driven by greed - and a kanly, or
vendetta - to use the Ancient Tongue - against Duke Leto
and the entire House Atreides.

Ghola, a reanimated corpse, purchased from the
flesh-vats of the Planet Teilaxu. Ruthless. Brilliant.
Cold. Cruel. Egomaniacal. Like the House.

MILITARY STRENGTHS: Brute force; illegal atomic
weaponry, or so it is rumored; the ruthlessness of the
Baron and his Mentat; the degree to which the Baron`s
Troops fear him - and thus, fear disappointing him. (He
has been known to personally drink the blood of those
who bear unfortunate news to his chamber; indeed, it is
said the Harkonnen are forced to wear heart plugs, such
that the Baron can loose their blood with greater ease.)

HOUSE PROFILE : Geidi Prime is a dark, deranged
world - as are the creatures of House Harkonnen.
The Harkonnen are a cruel people, equally ruthless
toward friend and foe, if necessary. The Harkonnens have
a long history of employing violence and fear to achieve
their objectives. In House Harkonnen, status is not
bestowed. It is taken. Treachery upon treachery,
assassin upon assassin - our spies cannot keep up with
the rapid shifting of military rank in the Harkonnen
forces. Excepting, of course, the nearly totalitarian
control of the baron.

Nothing will stop the Baron Harkonnen in his pursuit of
Dune. Formerly the sole stewards of the Spice harvesting
operations on Arrakis, the Harkonnen feel deprived of
something which they believe to be rightfully theirs -
the Governorship of Dune. As the Baron has sworn to cut
the ducal ring from the hand of Leto - it is highly
unlikely that he would tolerate an Atreides victory over


House Ordos
HOMEWORLD: Little is known of the icy, remote planet of
the Ordos. The economy of the planet is based entirely
on trade - and smuggling, to be certain. Our spies can
tell us that much - if nothing else.

LEADER: Unknown. A reclusive cartel of wealthy noblemen,
seem to control the finances of House Ordos - and thus,
House Ordos itself. No one has ever seen them - except
the few generals who formerly controlled what troops the
Ordos could muster. One by one, those generals have been
eliminated under mysterious circumstances.

MENTAT MASTER OF ASSASSINS: None. The previous Mentat,
known only as Ammon, was executed on the alleged charge
of embezzlement. Spies have reported on the possibility
of an Ixian clone, a computer in the form of a human
male, smuggled from the Ixians in exchange for a fortune
in Spice. However, since the Butlerian Jihad, there has
never been a computer in the likeness of a human mind,
so these reports have been largely disregarded.

MILITARY STRENGTHS: Immense wealth - the kind of wealth
that buys incredibly powerful forbidden technologies;
illegal weapons purchased from the house of Ix and then
smuggled to the Ordos troops; aside from wealth, there
is little military strength to House Ordos. Their troops
are largely mercenary, and tend to desert with great

HOUSE PROFILE: House Ordos cannot be profiled.
We do know they have a tendency towards
sabotage, expensive weaponry, and illegal technologies.

We believe the Ordos may have Ixian weapons the
Harkonnen and Atreides could only dream of. But this
could all be speculation. We know for certain nothing

HOUSE INSIGNIA: the snake.