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CEPHALIC CARNAGE- Extreme head trauma induced while inhaling massive amounts of marijuana.

If you ever walk into a room and get this strong smell of marijuana and see four guys stoned off buds... you are mostly walking in a room with CEPHALIC CARNAGE, which is a Hyrdo Grind band from the Denver, Colorado area. This is definitely a band that is worth hearing so please check out this page and remember to sign their guestbook and tell them they are awesome i am sure Mr. Sativahead himself would love to read that!! And if you want to check out the CD you can email them to the address below or mail them by snail mail:


P.O. Box 140689

Edgewater, CO 80214

and please DO NOT steal any pictures on this page. As they have all been provided by the band and are copyrighted. check out the new banner made by Dave "from the grave" of Wartorn Record in Albuquerque

Now click on these links below to find out more on the band:

Cephalic Carnage In Chicago
Cephalic Carnage in Milwaukee

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