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<center>CHILDREN OF THE CORN<center>


This page has quoets and Pictures from Children of the corn and it has pages out of the bible"he who walks behind the rows"

Bhold a dream did come to me in the night and the lord did show all this to me.(kids)"Praise god praise the lord".(kids)A time of tribulation has come,a test is at hand,the final test.(malicki)"What has the lord commanded"(malicki).In the dream the lord did come to me he was a shape ,it was he who walks beind the rows,and i did fall on my knees in terror,and hide my eyes that the fearfullness of his face strike me dead and he told me all that has since happend he said joseph has taken his things and fled this happy place because the worship of me is no longer upon him,so take you his life and spill his blood.I brought you upon this earth,but let not the flesh pollute the corn,cast him instead upon the rows(malicki)And so it was done joseph the betrayer was cast out(mailiki) and he who walks behind the rows did say"i will send outlanders amungst you a man and a woman and these outlanders will be unbelievers and protaiers of the holy,and the man shall be sorrly test for he has great power even greater than that of the blue man(kids)"the blue man yes the blue man"(kids)and just as the blue man was offered opon him so shall be the unbelievers.(malicki)Make sacrafice onto him the blood of the outlander"(maliki).(everybody)"Praise god Praise the lord"Praise god praise the lord"praise god praise the lord"Praise god praise the lord"Praise god praise the lord"Praise god praise the lord"Praise god praise the lord"Praise god praise the lord"

Micah 3:53 We are the sowers of seeds,the workers of he.Pray for your tainted soul to your fake god.There is no escape you'll be dead eventually.Surrender to he now,or your fate will be so terrible you would not want to speak of it.Your pain your surffering of your slow and vengfull death.

Micah 5:35 Why do you ask....? Why? Why do we kill the ones that have birthed us and cared for us?I will tell you why,for it is not us that have done what we forbid,It is not us who everyday Poison the earth and its youth with their tainted society.They brought it opon themselves and now he picks out us,the ears and the eyes of the world.The ears of corn that will thrive into a field.Now we will hold our selves high and strike down the infidel.It is time there is work to do before he commith.

Micha 5:21 You do not want to destroy those who defy you because they are your PARENTS?Then you do not see the truth!That is sad.....for your pain will be greater then all those we horrible even i cannot describe the sadness and pain you will feel as you slowly die....

Micha 6:66 Understand that we are all one with he.Don't question me as to why he chose us or why we are caled to his deeds.Dont question just do.Great rewards will be ours to reep once we are finnished with the taskes he lays upon us.We had the greatest power of all and it was within us but we knew it not.We had eyes but see it not and eas but hear it not.I used to be like you,once evil,once a defiler,I knew the world for what it was;an evil place ruled by hippocrits,and poisners of youth.Now i have the power of him inside me,as it was wrten and is writen now he shall bring you leaver from the corn and make us as one.One by one we will together rid the land of all that defiliet the corn,and thou shall burn in the lake of eternal fire forever and ever.There will be work to do before he commith.

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Famous Ryan Bollman Quotes From COTC2

''NOOOO! do you really think it was all Issac's doing Jedidia do you!, were we not givin signs was that not enough,who here thinks this: we had the greatest power of all and it was with in us but knew it not, we had eyes but see it not, and ears but hear it not, you do not see the truth Jedidia go home and wait for a sign"

Jedidia:but they found them and they found them and they found us jesus christ Mihca they were our parents) They were adults from of that world and we have seen the ways of that world and it is evil"

"Another argument? you know Danny i used to have problems with my father too, adults are such hippacrites it's like the moment you turn 19 you become this thing, well with my father if we listened to the radio we sinned if we talked to girls we sinned and every sin demanded a beating to chase away the devil, untill one day i caught me father with the farmhand's wife sinning most vigourously, the bible also teaches that... umm for everything there is a season"

"it is like a sign not from the hand of man but from he who walks behind the rows (Mordichi: then is it our sign?) Yes let it begin"



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