Shine along with the Torrances

"Compared to Vermont, this place is THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON"
-Watson in Stephen Kings' remake of The Shining

"One of these days I'm going to cut you into little pieces"  

You'll need:

1) One copy of the NTSC (North American)
video version of The Shining. (or digital format)

2) One copy of "Meddle"
by Pink Floyd, preferably digital.

  • Round One: Pause the video on the first frame of the film - the shot of the lake. Start the CD and unpause the video simultaneously so that both start at the same time.
  • Round Two: On the intertitle "Saturday", start CD simultaneously as this frame ends.
    You might want to resynch "Echoes" for the mind-blowing Room 237 sequence.
  • Round Three: Wendy says "Wake up, right now", and then a faint ping is heard. This is the cue. You know what to do.
Alternatively, you can put the CD on repeat from the beginning and get almost the same results. The movie is exactly three times the length of the CD. Note: the European PAL version is 20 minutes shorter than the North American NTSC version, so Euros are out of luck. Enjoy!

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