"God help us all."
-Todd Gitlin, NYU
[This week we depart from our regular content for a more timely message. Because, unfortunately, there's really only one choice, Gore/Lieberman, in the coming American presidential election, the choice of who to vote for should be a no-brainer for anybody with a reasonably well functioning brain. The enigma site is here for the moment, and might be back if sanity and common sense prevail on November 7. Otherwise, well, that depends on whether human civilization persists after then.]

Helloooo, calling America,...

"I have said that the modern man, and especially the modern American, however much 'know-how' he may have, has very little 'know-what'"
-Norbert Wiener, Cybernetics and Society

"Americans are the best entertained and quite likely the least well-informed people in the Western world."
-Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death

"The public sucks. Fu*% hope." -George Carlin

"If I am right, the whole of our thinking about what we are and what other people are has got to be restructured. This is not funny, and I do not know how long we have to do it in. If we continue to operate on the premises that were fashionable in the precybernetic era,... we may have twenty or thirty years before the logical reductio ad absurdum of our old positions destroy us. Nobody knows how long we have,... before some disaster strikes us,...
-Gregory Bateson, "Steps to an Ecology of Mind"

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Wienerboy! (And a gift from God?)

"restore honor and dignity!?*"  
"Just after the governor's reelection in 1998, Slater pressed Bush about whether he had ever been arrested. "He said, `After 1968? No.' I said, `What about before 1968?' He said, `Well ...' and at that moment Karen stepped in and said, `Wait a minute, I've not heard this.' She clearly wasn't prepared for whatever it was he was about to say, and he shut up." Slater argued that it was better for the governor to deal with any revelations sooner rather than later,..."
-TNR Online | The Enforcer by Michelle Cottle
Post date 11.18.99 | Issue date 11.29.99

"I probably want to hang him and go home."
-Bush commenting on the defendant in a drunk driving case for which he was a potential juror in 1996.

Please, THINK before you vote. This comes from somebody who might have believed that Reagan and Bush senior had appropriate visions and styles of leadership during their time. This Dubya fella, however, is a totally incompetent, anachronistic, incoherent, babbling, moronic product of a shambolic, double-thinking campaign. Feel free to send me feedback, unless you support Dubya, in which case you're characterized by at least one of the following:

a) drunk

b) high on crack

c) ignorant

d) guided by a deranged cognitive style or narcissistic attitude more than by reason or a true understanding of the public good.