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Hello and welcome to the ABC homepage. At this site you can find all the information you need about our company and our policies.

Most other butterfly catching businesses are all about the money. Not here, though. Here we are all about the butterflies... and the customers. Our leading competitors are willing to catch you just any ratty old butterfly. But with us you will find that that is not the case at all. Because of our devotion and dedication, any butterfly we catch must pass our rigorous inspections before we pass it on to you, the customer. If the butterfly does not meet our requirements then to the incinerator it goes.
Our incinerator is the latest in butterfly incineration technology. Designed by physicists and using the power of magic it creates a flame 10x the heat of the sun. The butterfly is dropped into a hole at the top of the apparatus and is insinerated in less than .00000000000000000000000001 seconds. The butterfly doesn't even feel a thing. Over the hole is a force field that nothing can come out of. The force field was erected using the help of Jedis, so you know it's good.

Below is a list of the butterfly's we catch and the price we charge.

Blue Morpho




Burnett crappy page


Byasa Alcinous






Urbanus Hübner


The Ever Elusive Cartoon Butterfly


Alberto Fujimori

All payments must be upfront. We guarentee to catch you the butterfly you want or half your money back minus shipping.
Place your orders by e-mailing me at

Thank you for showing interest in our company.