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It all started during the year 987 A.D. in a forest called Crysh. Alysher Greywolf, was in training to become an Elven Ranger. Every day he would sit within an old oak tree with his bow and sword, awaiting for his next call. Time has passed as his training was complete, and he was now an Elven Ranger. With the abilities of ESP, Magick, Animal intuition, he is able to become one with nature itself.

For now he has grown the age of 24 in mortal years, this is where his looks will stop, and he will grow older yes, but he will stay the same, as in looks. His heart belongs in the forests, and this is where his home will always be. During his travels, he always brings along his companion Keisha, a grey wolf. Since this wolf was always with him ever since he was a child, that is where he picked up his last name. So, all he can do is travel, for maybe one day, he will find a true home.

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Mundane Rules

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