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Assalamualaykum Bro,

I hope everything is fine and that you are behaving yourself (just kidding!) okay as promised here’s my project which I feel could hold a lot of potential if geared towards a Marketing and Advertising perspective.

The project I have created shows how it can be made possible for a wireless messaging system to be used with portable hand held devices to allow consumers to be sent messages from static locations. I have shown that Bluetooth is ideal for this purpose and messages can essentially be advertisements and promotional material. I am sure that not many people would pursue this idea of marketing and advertising and if you work on a project that promotes a wireless messaging system for such purposes, it would be beneficial inshaAllah.

Below is the project in both Adobe PDF and Microsoft DOC formats. Let me know if you do decide to pursue this project, and feel free to get in touch…Omar.

Final Year Project: Wireless Messaging System (Adobe PDF)

Final Year Project: Wireless Messaging System (Microsoft Word)