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Downloading through Torrentstorm

Hey Arif! CLICK HERE to download the program used for downloading. Once you have downloaded do the following:

1. install it on your computer

2. Go to and choose a download

3. Save the download from to a place on your hard disk (somewhere you can find it i.e. your Desktop)

4. Once you have saved the file, Open the Torrentstorm program you have downloaded from this page

5. In the program, go to FILE then OPEN and open the file you downloaded from

6. Torrentstorm should now ask you where you want the files to be saved, it's ideal to create a folder somewhere on your computer and save stuff to that

7. You should see that your download is now listed on the program

8. right click the download and click START DOWNLOAD

9. the download should start and should start saving files to the folder you wanted to save to.

I hope this helps! - Omar