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Think about it : Every day , every hour , animals die for humans. Some people may think "oh well if we didnít do it , they'd be over populating the earth " but you have to think . Imagine being a poor helpless anima; somewhere in the world and having no say in what goes down in your life. Animals are used for things we probably don't even know about . For example : did you know that many make-up companies test their products on animals to see how they will affect humans? Also , even the meat that we eat has probably gone through so much hell so that we can eat it. Even dissection. Now , there is hope for all these animals : a group devoted to help animals called PETA : People for the ethical treatment of animals. I encourage all of you out there who have a heart to go vegetarian . If you find this too hard , at least donít wear fur , donít buy any make-up from companies who test on animals , don't buy animals from pet stores that meet regulations and do not ever EVER dissect!!!! Peta has many ways to back you up on this so that you can dissect in other ways such as virtual dissection. Please , I ask you all to atlas visit these links and find out more. Think about all the animals we can save by doing this.

What does Peta do?
Save Animlas Lives
Help suffering animlas
Protest Cruelty to animlas and much more!!!

Wanna know more about Peta ? Visit these Links!!!

Peta and the Street Team

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