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Aloha!!Well this site is gonna be all about my Odd life so I hope you'll enjoy all the pages and shit I have on it . My journal page will have all the stuff that happens in my life and , if you gte bored of my site , :P , you can check out my links to some amusing sites. Well they are to me....then again , I have the mentality of a four year old...So just have fun looking around!!!

Some of my interests include : skateboarding , most types of music (punk , rock , techno , ect), my fav bands are :Bowling for soup , Guns and roses , sugarcult , New found glory , Le Tigre , AC DC , Simple Plan , Green Day , Good charlotte , No Doubt , The old Blink 182 , The offspring , Rancid , Transplants , Kelly Clarkson and many others.

I have only a few pages on my site right now as you can see , lol , my poetry and journal ones will be the ones updated the most so check back soon!!!

Im Insane! Someone Somewhere

You can use this area as a menu, or whatever you would like.

My LiNkS...>.<

-My JoUrNaL

OtHeR lInKs


-Did you ever see a lama kiss a lama on the lama?

-Saladfingers!!...I like RUSTY spoons....o.0

-Heh! Boys are smelly!! :P ;)

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