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Social Studies & Technology

Historical Timeline

1. Listen to Teacher's instructions.

2. draw an event from the hat--all events happened 1940 to 1950.

3. use your social studies textbook, classroom library, school library, public library, and internet to research facts about your historical event.

Try OR for internet searches.

4. create a power point presentation that will teach the rest of the class the key facts about your event: specific dates, places, people involved, what caused this event, what effect did this event have on usa, what effect did this event have on the world...and any other important facts you encounter during your research.  Reference the "how-to" sheet if you need help making your presentation.

5. Print out your power point slides -- put all slides on one sheet.

6. put together a 10 minute lesson about your event and teach it to the class.  you should not simply read your power point slides to the class.  for extra credit you can include a short activity that involves the class and helps the students better understand and remember your information.

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