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- The Jaded Knights -

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The project is headed by Daedric - Zousug & Dragoon - RoninBlade.

Welcome to The Jaded Knights
The Jaded Knights (TJK) is a Star Wars - Galaxies (SWG) Rebel Alligned Player Association (PA) and will be playing on the Starsider Server (U.S East Coast)

The Jaded Knights are a Relaxed Role Playing Player Association, relaxed in that we do not require members to roleplay 100% of the time, or when the situation does not require roleplaying. We do however, encourage all members to remain in character as this maintains our desired atmosphere whilst immersing all players in the exotic universe that is SWG.

Our main objectives are to establish ourselves upon our home planet of Corellia and develop the skills, talents and influence of our charcters and guild. We intend to have a profitable economy and become a military power and take a significant role in the intergalactic war against the evil force that is The Empire.

Eventually we plan to expand by building and colonising cities on other planets.
The goals of TJK and its members are high, but we believe that by working hard and by working together, even these lofty goals may be reached.

The Jaded Knights are a group of mature and friendly international players who have common goals, the biggest of which, is focused on having a great time playing together.
We accept all players of all species and professions into our fold. We ask only that you respect eachother and abide by our precepts (rules).

The Jaded Knight are governed by a Council, which consists of 7 members. All major decisions are voted democratically by this council. They are also responsible for managing the PA as efficiently as possble.
Players are divided into several factions. These factions are based upon grouping players with similar professions and goals, however we leave it up to you to which faction you wish to join, you are able to join more than one.

This does not mean that you will play a passive role in TJK. We encourage all members to voice their opinions and take part in all facets of the game and the PA.

If this sounds intriguing to you, and you think you have what it takes to become a Jaded Knight, join today and take part in a growing and fun PA.












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