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Welcome to the Official Hack Site! Welcome, in this site I have published the new tool that will revolutionize Habbo for everyone. Working for hours finnally payed off, when I successfully created my newly Published tool, Hobba Tool 2004. Please use this Tool wisely This revolutionary new tool for habbo will completely change habbo for program, you will find all these tools packed into 1 working program dice rigger (makes you able to pick which numbers you roll) furni maker (makes any rare or super rare in the game) badge maker (gives you the opporunity to pick any badge) flooder tool (so you never have to keep typing things over) And the New never seen before Pick Up Tool (Allows you to pick up any furniture in any room, even if its not yours) An Important Reminder To be able to fully use this program, you need to haveWinRar, a program which you can download here