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Cool Guitar


- The site was updated on 12/23/04 with more recorded cover songs.

- Welcome to my Guitar Site. This site will not feature much of guitar theory since there are other sites online
that do a great job of explaining guitar theory. Guitar is a hobby that allows me to relax and speak through
six strings.

- Here are some of my home recordings of *Cover* songs. I use a guitar, a microphone, and Adobe Audition.

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Animals, The

House of the Rising Sun


Hotel California

Golubie Bereti (Russian):

Ordena ne prodautsa
Uletali Dembelya

Jimmy Page

Stairway to heaven

Kino { Viktor Tsoi } (Russian):

Zavtra Voina

Lyube (Russian):

Davai Za
Rebyata nashevo dvora.

Nikita (original songs)

Noviy den'

Pink Floyd

Is there anybody out there

Sektor Gaza (Russian):


Vladimir Visotskiy (Russian):

Bratskie Mogili
Chto zji ti Zaraza
Pesnya o zvezd
Tot, kto ran'she s neiu bil
Shtrafnie Batal'oni
Syt ya po gorlu
A ludi vse roptali i roptali
Sluchie v restorane


Vashe blagarodoe