Joseph Anthony Gianchino

University of Missouri - Columbia

B.S. Medicinal Chemistry May, 2013
B.S. Biological Sciences May, 2013
Minor Spanish May, 2013

Professional Experience

04/15 to Present
BLVD Tavern | Bartender | Kansas City, MO
This is a super genuine restaurant started with honest passion. Going back to my roots
as a brunch bartender. Working under a very established bar manager in the cocktail
realm prepping tonic, triple sec and other syrups; as well as creating cocktails.

04/15 to 05/15
Bar Rosso | Bartender | Kansas City, MO
Working at a beautiful hotel bar on the rooftop with a swimming pool. Acting as an
ambassador for Kansas City for traveling businessmen and women.

09/14 to 04/15
Jax Fish House | Bartender | Kansas City, MO
Gained copious amounts of knowledge. Helped increase efficiency and create a vibrant
bar atmosphere. Certified to serve safely through BarSmarts.

02/14 to 09/14
KCAS, LLC | Scientist I | Shawnee, KS
Perform about 15 assays/day with high integrity. Document everything using Good Lab Procedure standard method.
Prepare solution used in assay and properly dispose of waste. I was awarded employee of the month for the month of August 14.

09/13 to Present
The Green Lady Lounge | Bartender | Kansas City, MO
Maintain a professional appearance in a suit and tie while tending to a high volume crowd. Created lasting
friendships with co-workers. Partake in the KC jazz revival.

08/13 to 10/13
Med4Home Pharmacy | Clinical Care Specialist | Kansas City, MO
I was a licensed pharmacy technician in the state of Missouri. Worked with patients over the phone to supply
breathing medication. Data entry, call center, cubical job.

03/11 to 07/13
Bleu Restaurant & Wine Bar | Bartender | Columbia, MO
Perform managerial duties as the last person to leave, e.g., make a drop, lock the
doors, set the alarm, etc. I like to say I also received my third degree here, bartending.
03/11 to 07/13 | Catering Server
Catering means swiftly pack, unload and set up, then deliver high quality service and finally break down, clean
and put everything away.

Liquor License in Kansas City, MO Expiration date 09/09/2016
Food Handlers Card in Kansas City, MO Expiration date 03/26/2017
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