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Hey I hope you enjoys these games I got off the net!

Warp Celebritys
Fatboy Slim-I Can't Stabd Him!!
Backstreetboys-Absolute homos I think one of em is a chick
Nsync-Yeah I hate these fags too
Eminem-I don't like him either
MR INSULT(He's Hilarious!!)
Mr Insults T.V Show
Mr. Insults Questions
Battle Ship With Mr. Insult
Mr. Insults Reflex Game
Mr. Insults Math Test
Try To Insult Mr. Insult
Guess The Insult
Let Mr. Insult Tell You The Day You Were Born
Insults In Shakespear
Spell Your Insults Backwards

Punch Some Celebritys
Prince Charles
Osama Bin laden-Not much of a Celebrity But Meh Just Kick His ASS
George Dubya Bush!
Ronal McDonald!
Jerry Springer!!

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